Hey, I am SnowDragon :)

Hey, I’m Max, from Nuremberg, aka SnowDragon! Glad you stopped by and read through this. You might be wondering who I am and what this website is about 😀 Well, on my social media channels I’m relatively active as a cosplayer under SnowDragon since I discovered cosplay (costume and play) as a new hobby for me in 2019. That’s when I went to Gamescom 2019 in Link Cosplay, my first convention I went to as a cosplayer. Since then, I have certainly already accumulated over 40 different complete costumes and there are always more… Granted: Many of them are bought, but I try to make more and more myself. Even if it’s just small props or weapons.

Anime Manga / Games are just exactly my world, oh and I love Japan^^ Jaaaa, I’ve been there too. Anyway… now I talk here all the time about cosplay, cosplay costumes & cosplayer… But that’s what this website is for. In the blog you’ll find some cosplay guides & cosplay tutorials, also all my cosplays are listed there (I’ll have to update the list..), you’ll find lists of german cosplayers, cosplay photographers and viiiiiiiiieeeeel more.


You would like to work with us? Maybe you are a cosplayer yourself and would like to do a shooting together? Or going to conventions together with a cosplay group? Or you are a cosplay photographer and looking for cosplay models for new pictures? Or you are planning an event and want to book a cosplayer? Or you have an idea for my next cosplay costume, which character or which character from manga anime movie or games I could cosplay next? Or maybe just want to say hi?^^ then just write me -> [email protected]

What else is there to say? Just have a look around, check out my pictures & videos or my costumes, and yeah…. have fun 😀 Maybe you’ll see you at conventions or other cosplay events 🙂