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The anime series Attack on Titan is popular with fans and cosplayers. Of course the protagonist Eren Jäger is often shown in cosplay.

He comes from the suburb of Shiganshina, as do his closest friend Armin Arlert and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackermann. His parents were Grisha Jäger and Carla Jäger.


Eren, like all other survivors of humanity, lives behind several high walls to protect himself from the evil outside world, or more precisely, from the Titans who live and rule within. Eren is a boy who dreams of the world outside the wall. Therefore he is very critical of the lifestyle of being locked up behind walls and is determined not to accept it in the long run. In his opinion, humanity, which simply accepts circumstances without questioning them, is basically nothing but cattle.

When one day Titans invade Shiganshina, he has to witness his own mother being eaten by Titans. The following night, his father injects him with a so-called Titan serum, which turns him into a normal Titan. He then eats his own father and thus receives the power of two Titans. In addition, he becomes a so-called Titanic converter.

However, he himself cannot remember that fateful night, he only feels the irrepressible urge to kill every single titan in the world. Therefore he joins the reconnaissance squad and his best friend Armin and his adopted sister Mikasa do the same.

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Personality of Eren Jäger

Personality of Eren Jäger
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Eren’s father, Grisha Jäger, noticed early on that Eren found it difficult to make friends. He constantly fought with bullies on the street, was impulsive and rather stubborn. He fights everyone to achieve his goals, in which he shows quite a lot of persistence. But with the same persistence he also protects his friends, who can count on him unconditionally.

According to Armin, his bellicosity and fearlessness earned him the nickname “Shi ni isogi yarō”, which means “someone in a hurry to die”, during his 104th training session.

Already as a small boy he is determined to join the reconnaissance squad and has argued bitterly with his mother about this topic.

He is curious and freedom-loving, which is why he is too determined to explore the world outside the walls.

In general, Eren listens much more to his heart than to his mind.

He is also very impatient with all this, which often puts him in difficult and dangerous situations. The fact that these usually go off smoothly is due to the intervention of his comrades. He himself storms off blindly and without thinking about it, and Mikasa often has to help him out of a jam.

Look of Eren Hunter

Look of Eren Hunter
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Eren is a young man of normal height and average build. His face is rather elongated and framed by brown, neck-length hair. This is separated by a middle parting. The eyes are blue-green eyes and rather round. The color depends very much on the light conditions. They are large and expressive. The eyebrows often make him appear angry or at least unwilling and angry. His skin tends to be dark, at least darker than other characters.

At the beginning of the series he is seen in several episodes in the typical peasant dress of the people of his district. This consists essentially of brown trousers, a green shirt with a cord at the collar and a brown vest. As soon as Eren enters the military, he naturally wears the uniform of the respective unit. Characteristic is also the key, which hm got from his father and which is now dangling from a string at his neck.

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As a Titan converter, Eren is an incredible 15 meters tall. The ears are pointed and the hair falls down to the chin. The mouth is huge. Compared to other Titans, he is huge and clearly much more intelligent.

While in his human state the eyes are large and round, as titanic transducers they are small and narrow, a bit like the eyes of a reptile, as closer inspection reveals that they are protected by a laterally closing membrane.

Also the tongue, nose, as well as ears step out more and the teeth are extremely pointed.

Skills of Eren Hunter

Skills of Eren Hunter
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The enormous physical strength is particularly striking when it comes to abilities. This natural power increased even more through the training and the hard training in the 104th unit, especially in close combat. However, these abilities are not sufficient in his human form, but they are when he becomes a Titan. Here his powers become really enormous and he is clearly superior even to armored Titans.

Eren Hunter also has 3D maneuvering equipment, but he can’t use it properly at the beginning and is therefore laughed at by the others. When at some point the commander Keith Shadis became suspicious and ordered Thomas Wagner to exchange his equipment with Erens, Eren was suddenly able to handle it very well. This made it clear that Eren’s equipment was damaged and that’s why he had so many problems with it. This showed how talented he really is, because despite the damage he had managed to hold on for a short time.

Furthermore, Eren as a Titanic transducer has considerable powers for self-healing

Eren had to learn his ability to transform with great difficulty, since it is anything but easy to control the transformations completely. He can only transform into his Titan form if he damages himself and has a specific goal in mind. However, Eren’s transformation is bound to a limit, as it is maintained by his physical strength. As soon as he is exhausted, he loses his self-control and his abilities diminish. In the end, his Titan form will collapse and he will have to wait until he is completely regenerated. If he transforms again before this complete regeneration, the Titan form is significantly smaller.

Eren Hunter Cosplay Costume

Eren Hunter Cosplay Costume
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Also for the Eren Hunter Attack on Titan Cosplay there are several good options in the Cosplay Online Shop if you don’t want to make the costume yourself. Most people just don’t have the time, skill or desire to sew the costume and are looking for other options. In the store you can find wigs, weapons, make-up and much more that you need for an upscale cosplay.