Chat Noir Cosplay

Adrien Agreste, alias Cat Noir, is one of the protagonists of Miraculous – stories of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Adrien is a student at the Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris. There he goes to the class of Madame Bustiers. His father is the famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste, for whom Adrien works as a model. Far more spectacular, however, is his “sideline”. Because when he turns into Cat Noir – or Chat Noir – he and his partner Ladybug save Paris.

Look of Adrien alias Chat Noir

Look of Adrien alias Chat Noir

Adrien is a normally built, rather slim boy. He is not very muscular and stands out mainly because of his bright green eyes and perfectly styled blond hair. The most remarkable thing is that his eyes have no visible eyelashes. The face tends to be rather rounded and the nose is rather narrow, as are the lips. The chin tapers rather sharply towards the front and the ears are close to the head.


His normal everyday clothes consist of a black t-shirt, which also has a green, a purple and a yellow stripe in horizontal form. In addition he wears a white jacket with a stylish collar. He also rolls up the sleeves a little bit. The jeans are blue and he wears a black belt with a silver buckle. His feet are in comfortable orange sneakers with white soles and white laces. The whole outfit was designed by his father, the fashion designer. Therefore the shoes have the logo printed on them, a black butterfly in a circle. Day and night Adrien also wears a silver signet ring on her right ring finger – the Miraculous.


In the shape of the Chat Noir this signet ring (Miraculous) turns black and a bright green cat paw with four toes appears. Two black cat ears appear then suddenly between its hairs and the hairs cover then effectively the actual ears of Adrien, which lie close to the head anyway. A mask is then put over his eyes and the eyes themselves turn a particularly intense green. On his body he wears a black bodysuit, which of course looks like a cat’s body or costume. At the end of his fingers he has claws and the soles of his shoes look like cat paws. The belt with metal tip, which he wears around his waist, looks like a cat’s tail. In the upper half of the bodysuit there is a zipper which reaches up to the neck. There a small golden bell is sewn on. On both sides the suit has pockets with zipper. As a weapon it has a silver stick, which it fastens directly over the coccyx.

The figure of Adrien is also preserved in al Chat Noir.


Adrien is characterized by his great politeness. He is always courteous and helpful. However, his relationship to his father is rather cool and reserved.

he is always polite, courteous and helpful. He has a very distant relationship with his father. He grew up quite isolated and therefore always wished to be more like a normal boy of his age. This wish was partly fulfilled when he was allowed to go to a public school as long as a father could keep his appointments. Previously, Adrien was only allowed to leave the house on special occasions. By attending the Collège Françoise Dupont, this rule was relaxed and since then he enjoys roaming Paris as a Chat Noir and experiencing a lot of adventures.

Since he had received very good private lessons before, his grades in school are very good. In addition, he can fence, play the piano, speaks Chinese and is also very good at basketball.

Like most boys his age, he loves video games and is quite talented, but Marinette is clearly better than him.

Of course he also has a favourite group, or rather rock singer, more precisely Jagged Stone, whom he even asks for an autograph as Chat Noir in “Rockstars”. As Adrien he also asked Marinette for an autograph, because she designed the album cover.

He himself hates to give autographs. He is indifferent to the advances of his girlfriend Chloe, because he only has eyes for his partner Ladybug, with whom he likes to flirt extensively. In general, as a former model, he is a real girl crush, of course, and is surrounded accordingly.

Although he is essentially helpful even as a chat noir, he is still much bolder than Adrien. He tries to find out information about Ladybug by flirting, but has little success, because she absolutely does not want him to know who she is.

As a chat noir he is also much more confident towards his father and even gives him instructions. He also has a tendency to be a bit cocky and showy.

By the way, Adrien has an allergy to bird feathers, which also manifests itself in Chat Noir, so that it often has to sneeze.

 Chat Noir Cosplay Costume

Chat Noir Cosplay Costume

In principle, the Chat Noir Cosplay costume is not very elaborate, but it is not easy to make it yourself. After all, the cat suit has to be really skintight to cut a good figure. The easier way is to buy the costume in a well stocked Cosplay Shop. Here you can either find complete sets or you can put together the individual components and accessories.

In any case, the Chat Noir Cosplay is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!