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Ken Kaneki Cosplay is the protagonist of the popular manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re.

The framework story begins with the fact that strange murders occur in Tokyo, which after some investigation are attributed to attacks by so-called ghouls.

The college friends Kaneki and Hide get the idea that ghouls probably have to look very similar to humans and therefore are not seen. This theory soon turns out to be true.

Ken Kaneki Cosplay first studied Japanese literature at Kamii University and led a relatively normal life. This changed abruptly when he was attacked and injured by Liz Kamishiro. In the hospital he was given their cell stores as part of an organ transplant and now he is himself a one-eyed ghoul.

Ken Kaneki works in the Café Antik as a part-time waiter and learns how to live as a ghoul.

Outward appearance of Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki Cosplay
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Ken Kaneki is at first a normal young man. He has no athletic background and is rather skinny. He prefers to read books in accordance with his field of study, Japanese literature, rather than doing sports or other physical exertions. In his free time he wears casual clothes.

During his work at the Antik he wears the standard waiter uniform. This consists of black trousers and a grey vest over a white shirt and a brown tie. As a ghoul he has only one eye and cannot control his only kakugan in his left eye, so he wears a medical eye patch to hide it.

As a ghoul he has a so-called ghoul mask. It is a combination of a leather mask for the face and an integrated eye patch. The mouth part of the mask is lipless, with clenched teeth.

Bolts stick out at the neck and Ken Kaneki creates a Frankenstein-like impression.

He becomes a victim of torture by Yamori, which drastically changes his appearance. His formerly black hair suddenly turned completely white and his nails turned black. Since then he prefers monochrome clothing and also wears a skin-tight combat suit with cutouts while he is fighting.

While working as a ghoul investigator, he wears the standard business attire of ghoul investigators, preferring pinstripe pants with a knee-length white trench coat. For reading he wears round glasses.

After the Tsukiyama family extermination surgery, his appearance changes drastically again and the hair returns completely to its initial black color. In addition, he now wears glasses around the clock, not only for reading. The uniform is black and consists of a black shirt and trousers and a long black trench coat. The red gloves are very prominent, which should especially cover the right hand, because it is covered with a reptile-like pattern.

Ken Kaneki Cosplay and Personality

Ken Kaneki Cosplay
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Ken was a rather shy and reserved boy as a person and actually had only Hide as a friend. However, this friendship was and is really close. By reading mainly novels he was rather soft and gentle, and tended to be optimistic and ‘positive.

His mother had a great influence on him and he also has a natural modesty. For these two reasons he often took the blame and let himself be punished, although others were guilty. Unfortunately, this often ends with him being exploited and harassed.

His unselfish and gentle nature is actually mainly due to his fear of being rejected and then being alone. The death of his mother reinforced this fact. Loneliness is terrible for him and accordingly he protects all the people important to him so that he is not alone in the world.

After becoming half ghoul, he clung to his human side desperately and persistently. In order to continue living in the human world, he started to ride in the ancient world. At the same time he built up a relationship with the ghouls there.

He also began to work on becoming stronger, since he was by nature rather narrow and weak. Accordingly he started to read and train books on the subject.

The fact that he is only half ghoul is a problem for him, because he doesn’t really know where he belongs. Accordingly, he protects and defends both the humans and the ghouls that mean something to him.


Ken Kaneki Cosplay Costume
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