Todoroki My Hero Academia Cosplay
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Shoto Todoroki is a student in grade 1-A of the U.A. High School in the manga and anime series My Hero Academia. Like the other students, he is also training to become a professional superhero in the end.

Clearly, Todoroki is also popular for cosplay with My Hero Academia fans. Here we show you how the hero looks like, what clothes he wears, how his personality looks like, etc., so you are well prepared and informed for your cosplay fun.

Look of My Hero Academia Todoroki

Look of Todoroki
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Shoto Todoroki is a normally built boy of average size and light skin color. The hair is short and is separated in the middle by a parting. The special thing about it is that one side is red (left) and the other white (right). This reflects his quirk – more about this later.

Another distinctive feature of Shoto is that he has a burn above his left eye. He also suffers from heterochromia, which means that his eyes have different colors. So his right eye is grey and his left eye is turquoise. Interestingly, Gazne is a combination of the characteristics of his parents, because his mother has white hair and grey eyes and his father has red hair and turquoise eyes.

My Hero Academia suit consisted of a simple white top, white pants, white shoes, and a gold combat vest. In addition, the left half of his body was covered with ice, which made his eye seem to glow red underneath.

Currently he is using a hero costume with a blue jacket, dark blue pants, silver combat vest and white boots with a special sole that prevent him from slipping on his own ice. A silver belt has metal capsules attached to it.

Personality of Todoroki

Personality of Todoroki
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Shoto was brought up very strictly by his father, which is why he has a cold, distant personality. This enables him to remain calm, composed and emotionally cool, even in heated fights, which is of course a real advantage.

However, this also means that he can be very brutal in combat. Nevertheless he has ideals and does not want to hurt or even kill his opponents unnecessarily.

Shoto has both an ice and a fire half. He doesn’t really like the latter because he inherited it from his father and therefore it is a symbol for his malice against his mother and himself. So he rather relies on his ice half.

Shoto’s father Enji Todoroki was always in the shadow of All Might and was always second best. This led to a real obsession with overcoming All Might and he didn’t hesitate to do anything to have a child that would be able to surpass All Might.

Since the siblings were not able to do this, Shoto himself is considered a masterpiece, because he was a master of ice and fire. Since he was five years old, his father trained him mercilessly strict and hard while his siblings were allowed to play.

My Hero Academia and Mother Rei was always there for him, even though he was abused by his father. Nevertheless, a nasty incident occurred in which she poured boiling water over the ice side of her son’s body because it reminded her of Enji. This led to the prominent burn scar above his eye.

quirks and abilities of Shoto Todoroki

quirks and abilities of Shoto Todoroki
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Shoto is commonly considered the strongest student in grades 1-A. Even when Katsuki was able to defeat him at the sports festival, it is common knowledge that this was only possible because he had consciously not used his powers.

Todoroki also has an increased stamina. For example, he can withstand several attacks by Izuku Midoriya, which include a direct amplified strike with One For All. He does not suffer any serious injuries.

And even if he is injured, he can still withstand a fight because of his increased endurance.

Shoto is also very agile and has incredibly fast reflexes.

Most remarkable is of course the famous ice and fire quirk. This means that Shoto can freeze anything he touches with the right side of his body. On the other hand he can throw hot flames with his left side. He can also dose the whole thing, so that the respective side can be used to cool down or heat up.

The disadvantage of this bug is that it has to regulate its body temperature. For example, he can get frostbite himself and will become slower and weaker if he uses his right side for too long.

Another disadvantage is that he can’t really control the flame side 100%.

My Hero Academia Special equipment from Shoto Todoroki

Special equipment from Shoto Todoroki
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Due to the complexity of his quirk, Todoroki has special equipment. So his second hero costume is designed in such a way that he can use both sides for the fight optimally and the disadvantages are reduced as much as possible.

Shotos jacket is made of extremely heat-resistant special fibers. In addition, there is a cooling and heating device on the neck, which measures and automatically regulates Shoto’s body temperature. The tactical vest has the same function.

Shotos belt is multifunctional and transports water, disinfectant, painkillers and other medicines.

Shotos boots are designed and equipped with spikes so that he cannot slip on his own ice

So now you know what you have to pay attention to when creating your Shoto Todoroki cosplay outfit. Of course you can make and sew the costume yourself, or buy a finished costume in the Cosplay Online Shop. Here you can not only find many great complete sets, but also accessories, make-up and much more.