Zelda breath of the Wild Link Cosplay

The Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild is a video game from the The Legend of Zelda series and was released on March 3, 2017 for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch. This game is a non-traditional The Legend of Zelda title, as several changes were made to the so-called “formula” of the Zelda series.

The story of Zelda’s breath of the wild

story of Zelda's breath of wilderness

The first game in the series – Legends of Zelda – was released in Japan in 1986 and in 1987 the game was released on the other continents. The game revolves around the kingdom of Hyrule, where a boy dressed in green, named Link, sets out in search of the shattered fragments of Triforce, and then frees Princess Zelda from the captivity of the evil Ganon.

The original devastation of Ganon took place 10,000 years before the hero Link lives. The entire population of Hyrule knows the legend of the princess and the hero fighting against the demon king Ganon.

The people of Hyrules no longer wanted to accept this fate and together with the Shiekah they developed machines that, together with the princess and the chosen hero, were to protect Hyrule from Ganon. On the one hand, these machines were Titans, which were controlled by the most skilled warriors of Hyrules. On the other hand there were guards who moved as if by magic and also helped to defeat the enemies.

Many decades have passed since then and a prophecy predicts the return of the devastation of Ganon. The people of Hyrule immediately began excavations and indeed discovered numerous relics created by their ancestors in ancient times: Four Titans and the Guardians.

The royal house of Hyrule decided to follow the same plan of their ancestors. Therefore, warriors were once again chosen from the races of Hyrule to control the Titans. These warriors were led by the current princess.

But Ganon’s approach was far more cunning than the Hylians had imagined. In a cunning plan, Ganon broke out from under Hyrule Castle, bringing Titans and Guardians under his control and killing four of the five warriors and everyone in the castle.

The hero Link suffered fatal injuries while defending the princess and the princess, who also survived the attack, now stood alone against Ganon. The princess’ name is Zelda in breath of the wild and the knight who protects her until the end is Link.

One hundred years have passed since then and at this point in the game the then severely injured link in the Shrine of Life awakens. Although the wounds were healed during the long sleep, he has also lost all his memory.

Link is lost in the foreign world, but still manages to escape from the Forgotten Plateau and sets out at the king’s request to defeat Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda. This is to restore peace in Hyrule.

Link – a popular cosplay character

Link - a popular cosplay character

The name of Link, the protagonist of the video game series The Legend of Zelda, comes from the English (a link, to link) and means connection or connect. This is of course a smart idea for the name, because Link is the connection between the game world and the player, who is allowed to give himself a name.

In all games, except breath of the wild, Link wears a green tunic with a green pointed cap. He usually wears brown boots and is equipped with sword and shield for weapons. His armor is known as the Hero’s Garb and has its origin in Skyward Sword. In the year in which Link passed his knight’s examination, green was chosen as the color of the robe. Since then, every chosen Hero of the Goddesses receives a Green Robe. In most games Link has the possibility to change his armor or its color.

In the prehistory Breath of the Wild, Link wears the so-called elongated robe. In the main game Link is known to wake up in the Shrine of Life. Here he has no proper clothing on his body and can buy new clothes or armor during the course of the game. The different pieces of clothing and armor have different strengths and weaknesses.

Link has blue eyes and is blond in most games. On the back of his left hand he has the symbol of the Triforce.

The typical Link Cosplay costume consists mainly of the turquoise tunic, which is embroidered in a characteristic way. This includes a chest strap and a belt made of leather or imitation leather, white relatively tight-fitting trousers and brown boots that reach just below the knees. To his weapons belong either shield and sword or bow and arrow.

The blonde hair is shoulder-length, so most will need an appropriate wig. Of course the eleven ears are also important.

If you want to do cosplay and would like to take on the role of Link from Zelda Breath, you can either choose a complete costume set or design and sew the costume yourself. A good option is also to buy different parts of the costume and then personalize it to make the costume even more sophisticated.

Nowadays there are a lot of great options available in specialized cosplay online stores, so there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from having fun with your disguise and cosplay!