• Appearing in costume during an event/ Walkingact
  • Judging contests such as costuming and cosplay
  • Hosting panels and workshops on a dozen cosplay-related subjects including costume craftsmanship (multiple levels), cosplay performance, makeup/posing/photography and many more
  • Hosting main programming events such as costume contests, Fashion Shows, Idol Contests, Opening Ceremonies, Charity Auctions and more
  • Signing autographs at his merchandise table or other appropriate setting
  • Photo Ops with attendees
  • Host cosplay related panels
  • Be in Q and A panels with other cosplay guests
  • Judge costume contests
  • Promote on my social media
  • Do interviews
  • Showcasing my costumes
  • Selling my handmade goods
  • Print and book signing

SnowDragon has been traveling around the world as cosplay guest in dozens of conventions and events. He offers a lot of different services such as:

  • Hosting a panel, a masterclass or a Questions and answers session, in German or in English.
  • Judging a cosplay contest
  • Meet and greets, signing sessions for your attendees to get a souvenir with him.
  • Performing! He can perform on your stage, as a solo performer or with a cosplay group.
  • Influence by spreading the word about your event.
  • Inspire your local cosplay community by wearing show stopping handmade costumes.

Cosplaying is a type of performance art that involves dressing up as different characters from popular cultures, such as movies, comics, or games. It knows no boundaries when it comes to gender, age or race. As long as you have the interest and passion for the art, you can buy or stitch your own costumes and even make your own props to go with showcasing costumes. In a way, cosplaying helps you tap into your inner child and helps you live the life of your favorite character on television, even if it is just for a day.

If you are an active member of any cosplaying community, you probably already know the name “SnowDragon,” or you have at least heard the name before. This is obvious because SnowDragon is a cosplayer climbing his way to the top through his serial-oriented cosplaying skills.


What is professional cosplaying?

Although it is seen by many people as a needless hobby, in recent years, cosplay walking act has caught the wind and is growing in its online and offline communities. People are letting their creativity run wild and are coming up with new and unique ways to do a cosplay Performance when attending cosplay conventions.

True fans see this as more than just a temporary dress-up convention. In fact, this has given rise to a community of people who are competing in the real world with other such enthusiasts in cosplay Performances. As a matter of fact, professional cosplayers sometimes blow viewers’ minds away by creating and appearing in costumes and props that overthrow the looks of actual characters from movies which may even use special effects.

As mentioned before, cosplaying knows no bounds, so that you can use anything and everything to create a costume that is well beyond the imaginations of ordinary people.

Professional cosplayers are those who are the best at dressing up as popular characters either from books like comics and mangas or from anime, movies, games, etc. They invest all their time and effort into curating their outfits, from clothes to props to even machinery that makes their costumes come to life. With this much effort being put into the role, it is no surprise that people seek such professional cosplayers to do cosplay walking acts and grace events.

Nowadays, you can even compare these professional cosplayers to celebrities because they have their own fan following. Their fans are the ones who excite them up and give them the much-needed limelight for a cosplay Performance in front of the world. As a profession, cosplayers are paid money to make special appearances, take pictures with fans, have a fan meeting and even perform on some occasions.


SnowDragon the Cosplayer:


SnowDragon: Chat Noir Cosplay
SnowDragon: Chat Noir Cosplay

Among the most popular cosplayers in the world is SnowDragon, a male cosplayer. His real name is Max, and he is a cosplayer from Germany and has caught the attention of many fans through his impeccable cosplaying talents.

Since he joined the cosplaying community, he has been quite active in participating in events like Gamescom Link Cosplay. Since debuting in 2019 at this first-ever cosplaying convention, SnowDragon has acquired over 20 different cosplaying costumes that are all professionally made to the T.

Let’s learn a bit of this cosplayer below:


Who is SnowDragon?

Max is a German cosplayer from Nuremberg or Nürnberg in Germany. Since 2019, Max or SnowDragon has become an active member of the cosplaying community. His first event as a cosplayer was at Gamescom in Link Cosplay in the year 2019

For Max (SnowDragon), cosplaying started out as a hobby and slowly became a full-time profession over the years. He still considers himself a newbie in the cosplaying industry, but he has already earned a name for himself. Even with such a short time as a cosplayer, Max (SnowDragon) has acquired more than 20 professional costumes. This number will likely keep increasing, given his current stature in the industry.


What does SnowDragon do?


His passion for cosplaying runs deep and is not just a hobby anymore. Max (SnowDragon) has already visited Japan because of his love for the culture and the amount of contribution that the country has to the cosplaying community.


SnowDragon website:

Max (SnowDragon) has his own website where he talks about showcasing costumes, how to find a cosplayer and also about cosplay conventions, meets, etc.

His blog contains articles that tell his readers how to cosplay. He has even curated a unique guide for his readers about cosplay and a few tutorials on how to play as a particular character or just cosplaying in general. The website also contains all his cosplaying costumes so that you can take a look at the incredible work of art he creates with each piece.

The website is extensive, and it is almost like a one-stop shop for cosplayers and aspiring cosplayers to learn more about the industry and the community. As you dig deeper into the website, you will find that Max (SnowDragon) has inserted a list of all his fellow German Cosplayers.

In this way, you can find a cosplayer for the same area and compare them if you’d like. This is especially helpful in finding out if you can find the perfect match for you if you are looking to find a cosplayer to grace an event.

This website also contains a list of all the best cosplay photographers. So if you even want to hire a photographer to take pictures of you appearing in costume and props, you can go to the website and look for a cosplay photographer to take professional pictures of showcasing costumes.

Apart from this, Max also runs an online cosplay shop where he sells cosplay merchandise such as prints and other trinkets. You can even find these cosplay prints at Harajuku. All his cosplay costume parts are bought from CosplayHero, which he then molds into a completed look.


How do you become a Cosplayer?

SnowDragon is one of Germany’s top cosplayers who is both an excellent professional at what he does and also a talented self-marketeer. His fan base is concentrated only on the German cosplaying community, but he is also well renowned internationally. The credit for this worldwide fame is his excellent marketing skills through his online website, which is well organized to showcase his best cosplaying costumes.

According to SnowDragon, cosplaying is a growing industry with room for professional growth. In 2020, according to a study done by Allied Market Research, the cosplay industry worldwide had a collective net worth of over $4.2 billion. Moreover, because of the rise of this industry in the professional field, Allied Market Research expects growth of at least $23 billion in the next 10 years.

This growth is partly credited to the online cosplaying community, where it is easier for cosplayers to get in touch with others in the same field and fans interested in the same.


Online cosplaying:

With the current situation in the world, and most cosplaying conventions getting canceled, moving it online was the perfect situation for cosplayers like SnowDragon, who got the opportunity to market themselves online. Although the pandemic has brought about its own share of problems in terms of getting materials for their costumes, especially the props, it has also, on the other hand, helped in the growing creativity of cosplayers.

More so, the people who were always interested in cosplaying but never got the opportunity to finally had the time to create their outfits from the comfort of their homes and post proctored online where people could see and react to them.

Even mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch have seen massive growth in the cosplaying community. People seem to like the idea of putting themselves out there on these platforms because of the dynamic nature of social media.

You could make short videos tutorials, take pictures and even interact with your fans and fellow cosplayers online without having to dread the nagging feeling of looking for the perfect niche audience for your profession.

Linktree is one such platform where cosplayers are growing in the community. On this platform, as a cosplayer, you can grow your following in an organized manner while also getting the exposure you need to make your hobby into a professional job.


How can I book a cosplayer as a cosplay model for cosplay events, conventions, and cosplay workshops?


SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay
SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay

SnowDragon has become a very well-known cosplayer in Germany and around the world.  Going through SnowDragon’s gallery, you’ll forget that you’re looking at a real-life human being in pictures. It’s that good! His attention to detail is unmatched. Every item of clothing and materials used for his pros is exceptionally made that you might even question if it is accurate.

With every new costume and character he plays, his cosplay gets better and better. Hence, it is no surprise that his fame has overthrown many others in the field. As a cosplay model, SnowDragon is sure to bring his A-game, getting dressed infamous characters’ outfits and taking on their personas. It is almost like seeing your 2D character on tv come to life!

To top it off, SnowDragon handles a blog page where he writes about how to cosplay and a guide on how to cosplay, which all come from his professional experience. There is a lot to take away from such articles, which people seem to enjoy, especially those who share the same interests as SnowDragon. You can book him as a cosplay model for cosplay workshops where they discuss cosplay and the steps to cosplay.

If you want to contact SnowDragon, you can directly send him a message at [email protected]. You can book a cosplayer for a cosplay model for cosplay events, conventions, and cosplay workshop.


How can I book a cosplayer as a cosplay guest for cosplay conventions?

SnowDragon is well known for its state-of-the-art costumes, which are impeccable in taste and creativity. To become a cosplay guest, you need to be able to have a strong presence in the cosplay community because you need to get an invitation from the convention to race their event with your presence.

One of the highest honors as a professional cosplayer is to get invites as a cosplay guest to conventions and cosplay workshops for cosplay contest judging.

There are hundreds of cosplay talents that come to these conventions, and the cosplay guest is the one who is the star of the event. SnowDragon, with its ever-growing popularity, has bagged this prize already and is a household name among the cosplay communities.

Being invited as a cosplay guest for cosplay contest judging is a thing of pride for the cosplayer, but it also benefits the convention attendees. It is probable that cosplay guests, like SnowDragon, are so-called because they significantly impact the cosplaying community, so the fans will be equally excited to meet their role models and inspirations behind their cosplaying interests.

If you want to book SnowDragon for cosplay contest judging at an event, you can contact him through his website, and it contains all the necessary information to reach him. You can also send a message on [email protected]and wait for his response.


How does it work?

Since SnowDragon has such a huge fan following, inviting him as the cosplay guest will be a massive bonus for the cosplay moderators because all his fans will definitely show up to meet with him. It is an excellent opportunity for both SnowDragon and his fans to interact with each other and make the event more enjoyable for both parties.

With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind before you invite SnowDragon to your event as a cosplay guest. It would be best to keep in mind that sending an invite to such a highly renowned convention cosplayer means more exposure for the event; hence all the payments need to be as reasonable as possible.

Consider that he will have to be in costume for 8 to 12 hours straight, with all the props, while also meeting and interacting with fans at the event. So it is only suitable for you as an organizer to accommodate SnowDragon’s charges.

You should also be a hospitable host if you have to fly him out. When it involves long travels, keep in mind the times and money that he has to spend to get to your event. All these expenses need to be met by you as an organizer.

The next thing is that you need to have accommodation ready for him- whether he stays at a hotel or a homestay and consider how far it is from the event’s location. If it is pretty far, you need to think of the transportation part as well.

Although it can be pretty stressful and exhausting for the cosplay model, it’s always worth everything when it involves your passion. It always feels nice to meet people who share the same interests as you, or better yet, interact with people who regard you as their role models or their favorite personality.


How can I book SnowDragon for cosplay photoshoots?

Without a doubt, everyone loves making good memories. And what better way to do it than by capturing it in a perfect photograph? For convention cosplayers, taking pictures with their cosplay idols is the dream. SnowDragon’s fame is built on the very fact that he has a huge fan base. So obviously, hundreds of aspiring professional convention cosplayer would love to take a picture with him.

It’s not that difficult to get an appointment with him. You have to go to his website or drop a message with your request at [email protected], and you will get a response from his team within 1-2 business days.

Before you book SnowDragon for a cosplay photoshoot, it is wise to choose your cosplay photographer beforehand and maybe even brainstorm some photoshoot ideas with SnowDragon.

It would be best if you chose the perfect photographer for the shoot, someone with whom you can coordinate and share your ideas. Get this obstacle out of the way so that you don’t have to deal with unredeemable photographs after the shoot.

Some of the things you can consider during the cosplay photoshoot are:


Recreating scenes from the show, movie, comics, anime, or game:

If you have requested SnowDragon to come dressed as a character from a movie, you can try to recreate some scenes from the movie to make it a much more captivating picture. You can even play around with the scene and tweak some parts of it to make it more original.


Communication with the client about what they want the final product to look like:

It comes as no surprise that communication is critical, and the cosplay photographer needs to be able to translate the client’s vision into a reality. Please take note of their storytelling techniques, their poses and what they want to convey through the character or the picture.


Go through the posing guide for cosplayers before the shoot:

Although not all of the rules apply to every cosplayer, some general rules help get the most flattering pictures of your clients. For example, it is common to have the clients lift their chin to reduce to look of an unflattering double chin and an emphasized jaw line.


Try candid photography with other cosplayers:

No matter how good your cosplay photoshoot setup is, there’s something about candid photography that is beautiful to look at. Try to get your client to interact with other cosplayers or other people in the shoot naturally and take their pictures without them being aware.

The cosplay photographer will be able to capture genuine emotions and moments that you cannot replace with posed images.


How can I book SnowDragon to be part of group cosplays photo shoots?


SnowDragon: Black Butler Cosplay
SnowDragon: Black Butler Cosplay

If you are interested in showcasing cosplays and have a few other friends who are also interested in the same, you can coordinate a cosplayer collab photoshoot with SnowDragon.

Planning a cosplayer collab photoshoot can be a tasking job, mainly because you need to have the whole team in on the plan. The cosplay moderator will have to schedule a day and time when everyone is free to do the shoot.


Where to go for a photoshoot?

The best place to do a cosplayer collab photoshoot would be outside of a cosplay convention. Although it seems like planning a cosplay collaborations photoshoot would be best at a convention since everyone is already dressed up, plus, you can get more people to join who are interested in the same comic, anime or show.

The downside to this plan is that there are too many distractions at the convention. There are even more possibilities to lose the group’s attention when you cannot get a photographer in place when everyone is already gathered.

You may have a hard time keeping people in one place at a convention because the whole event is for people interested in cosplay, so there are bound to be a few other pop-ups that might divert the group members’ attention.

The ideal place for a photoshoot is a natural location that is free from any distractions, such as a natural backdrop like a forest or a valley. You can also arrange a professional cosplay photo ops session with photo houses to make a custom backdrop for you.

The point for this is that you will have a dedicated space for the photo shoot, and every step of the process will be much more organized. The downside to this method is that you may have to cash out a decent amount of money to book a photo house or hire professional help for the photoshoot.


How to get a photographer?

And then, of course, there is the most crucial need of all, a cosplay photographer. You can take a look at the list of photographers on SnowDragon’s website and pick a cosplay photographer that most suits your budget and style.

It is essential to do a background check on your photographer, such as looking for previous photographs that were taken by the photographer and seeing if it fits your style. The photographer and the models for the shoot must have the same vision for the photoshoot. You need to be able to understand each other’s needs to get the best photograph taken.

Since getting a cosplay collaborations group together in costume for a photoshoot can be a once-in-a-lifetime event, you must make the most out of it and get the best professionals involved in the process. This ensures that you perfectly capture the moment that you will probably keep forever in your memories.

If you want a cosplayer booking, Max (SnowDragon) can be a part of group cosplays photo shoot. Email him at [email protected] but make sure that you have all the details sorted and everyone gathered before you invite him to the shooting scene.

You can even discuss a few ideas with him as the cosplay moderator of the group photoshoot and come up with a conducive list that is fulfilling to all parties.


Benefits of cosplaying:

Showcasing cosplays is not just a one-time, temporary dress-up passion anymore, and it has taken the world by storm as an up-and-coming trend that will probably last for years down the line. Finally getting the recognition, it deserves, cosplaying and cosplayers both have been given the platform to showcase their talents and skills.

For many cosplayers, dressing up in their cosplay communities is a way for them to express themselves without the fear of being judged. They are free to experiment and become who they want to be and give their best efforts in the process.

There is something so satisfying about giving it your all when following a passion. And this is just what all professional cosplayers have to say about the profession.


How to become famous as a cosplayer?


SnowDragon: AOT Eren Jaeger Cosplay
SnowDragon: AOT Eren Jaeger Cosplay

SnowDragon, as popular as he is, also shares the same passion as any other aspiring cosplayers out there. It only takes a little bit of courage, a lot of determination and hard work to get to a position where people can recognize you for the efforts you put into your costumes.

One of the most common ways to gain as massive of a following as SnowDragon is to be active on social media. Linktree is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and share all your social media handles so that they can check out what you do.

SnowDragon says that cosplayers must be as active as possible on social media. And that is a fact! If you want to earn a living as a cosplayer, you probably need clients who come to you for cosplayer bookings. Your social media profiles are your portfolios which your possible clients will look into before booking you for an event or show.

To monetize your cosplay, you also need to be active and online as much as possible so that you don’t miss any important messages from potential clients. Once your audience sees that you provide them with excellent customer service, they will list you as a reliable cosplay professional. They will even help in growing your fan base.

Ever since the pandemic, the world has gone online, and so have cosplay conventions. However, it is not to say that these events will never come back and take place in person. Whatever the case, the cosplay community will continue to grow at a rapid pace, so it is vital to keep your online and offline profiles updated and consistent.


Social media:

It is also ideal that you have more than one spacious media platform such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, while also linking them all together through Linktree, so your customers have a place to go when they want to check out all types of content from you. Your Linktree account facilitates cross-promotion across all your social media platforms and optimizes your earnings.

Self-promotion is the most potent and effective tool for cosplayers, be it a beginner or a professional. And the best way to do this is by being consistent on social media and posting updates whenever you see fit. You can figure out a schedule for when you want to post, for example, twice a week or every other day, for posting a new picture or video.

If you want a cosplayer booking, you can email Max (SnowDragon) at [email protected]. To talk to him about guest appearances, photoshoots cosplayer booking, and fan meetings, you can drop him a message, and you will definitely receive a prompt reply from him. His YouTube channel also deals with such information to guide you through cosplaying.




How did cosplaying start?

Cosplay as a performance art started out humbly at the first-ever World Science Fiction Convention that was held in 1939 in New York City. It started with Morojo’s “futuristic costumes,” which were also created for the same event in New York City.

The word “cosplay” originates from the word “kosupure” in Japanese, which was coined in 1984. It took decades before cosplaying became much more widespread attention to ordinary people. During the 1990s, it grew out of the misconception that cosplaying was shush a hobby and became a form of art that people could monetize. The highest credit for cosplay getting recognized in popular culture goes to Japan and loves in East Asia before it migrated to the western countries.

Today, there are hundreds of cosplay conventions and cosplay competitions that are all dedicated to the growth and development of cosplayers around the world. Not only this, you can even find websites and whole communities that are all centered on cosplayers and cosplaying activities.


How much does it cost to hire a cosplayer?

On average, most cosplayers charge between $150 to $200 for an appearance. This can include cosplay photo ops, signing autographs and interactions. However, it can also depend on the cosplayers. If they are as famous as SnowDragon, the cost can be higher. It also depends on what they are expected to do. For example, if you want performance from the cosplayers, which is acting out the character at the event, it can cost more. They may also charge you according to how long they are expected to be at your event.


What kinds of cosplayers can I hire for my event?

There are tons and tons of options for cosplayers to dress up as. You can either look for someone or a community of cosplayers who are into one specific genre of cosplay, such as anime or game characters. At the same time, some cosplayers are more flexible. They can come dressed as any character you want them to. The list is endless, and whether you want a princess or a clown, you can hire a cosplayer who can come dressed as your heart desires.


SnowDragon: Breath Of The Wild Link Cosplay

Side Note: You can contact SnowDragon via Instagram or email [email protected] to book him for your next cosplay events or shootings.