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A Weekend At LoriCon: The European Anime Convention 25

LoriCon is known to be one of the biggest anime conventions in the continent, and it will have plenty of events and activities for attendees to enjoy. If you’re an anime fan, then this is definitely a convention you won’t want to miss.

LoriCon anime convention is bringing anime fans from all over Europe together for a weekend filled with different kinds of events and activities. The event will be held in a large convention center far outside the city of London, so attendees can enjoy nature walks on the side.


There are also more activities planned at night where cosplayers get to show off their costumes and creativity. Many different kinds of events will take place throughout the weekend, including a maid cafe where cosplayers dress up as adorable French maids and serve food to their favorite guests.

There will also be plenty of places to store at the convention, including an artist’s alley that is filled with many unique pieces of artwork. Anime fans won’t want to miss this convention.

What Should I Know Before Attending LoriCon?

This convention is a celebration of all things anime and manga and will feature special guests, panels, workshops, screenings and more. Attendees can look forward to a weekend of fun and excitement, but there are a few things they should know before attending.

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Here’s everything you need to know about LoriCon Anime Convention in Europe:

A different kind of experience

Instead of the usually crowded convention center or meeting rooms typically found at anime conventions, LoriCon is held in a quiet area surrounded by beautiful gardens and wonderful architecture. It’s a unique venue that provides the perfect backdrop for the anime convention experience.

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Lots of anime viewing opportunities

Anyone interested in anime will be happy to hear that there are lots of chances to watch it during LoriCon. There’s even an outdoor theater where visitors can relax on hay bales and watch films under the stars.

There is also a mixture of films shown throughout the convention center, as well as other special events like late-night screenings and premiere viewings.

Panels and workshops

Attendees can look forward to a series of panels and workshops throughout LoriCon. This year’s anime viewing film block will include a viewing of the infamous “Future Diary,” as well as a premiere screening of the upcoming movie “Redline.”

Workshops will feature discussions of all things anime, including how to write good fan fiction and what went on behind the scenes during special effects production.

Special guests

Many talented individuals are featured at LoriCon, including voice actors, manga artists and even the creator of “Future Diary.” Anyone interested in getting their books signed or having their picture taken with a special guest will want to be sure to attend this convention.

Anime guilds

The biggest draw at LoriCon is meeting members of anime-themed guilds. Most attendees know about the big guilds like Grand Order and My Little Pony, but there are many smaller guilds that are just as worthwhile.

There’s even a Steampunk-themed guild for cosplay enthusiasts. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet guild members and purchase memorabilia, so be sure to stop by their tables for a fun time.

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How to Prepare for LoriCon

prepare for LoriCon
A Weekend At LoriCon: The European Anime Convention 26

LoriCon includes packing the right clothes and gear, preparing for long lines and crowds, and knowing what events and activities will be available at the convention. By following these simple tips, you can make the most of your time at LoriCon and have a blast.

You’ve got your tickets to LoriCon, and now you’re on your way. As you prepare your bags, make sure that you bring clothes for all kinds of weather- it’s colder in Europe at this time of year. If it’s sunny, don’t forget the sunblock! It also helps to bring a bag big enough to carry all of your stuff, as well.

LoriCon has plenty of activities planned-dozens for panels, screenings, dealers’ rooms, and artists’ workshops. Make sure you come prepared! You won’t want to miss any of them for lack of things to do or clothes to wear.

Bring gear that makes your anime convention-going experience better. A comfortable backpack is great for carrying all of the things you need with you, like snacks, water bottles, cell phones, and anything else you might want to have on hand.

Earplugs are also a good idea if there’s loud music or events going on. You can be sure that you’ll have a great time at LoriCon if you come prepared.

What to Expect at LoriCon

LoriCon cosplay
A Weekend At LoriCon: The European Anime Convention 27

Panel discussions are a big part of anime conventions. These short talks occur several times during the convention and cover everything from cosplay to children’s media.

Screenings and anime music videos (AMVs) are also a big part of conventions. Viewers show up in cosplay, eat snacks, and laugh when they recognize references made in these short clips.

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Exhibitors’ rooms contain numerous booths with artists selling prints of their work, like drawings or watercolors. You can also find plenty of merchandise and collectibles, like plushies and keychains.

Dances are a great place to meet new people and show off any nifty moves you’ve practiced in your free time! These events typically include music from popular anime or video games.

Comedy is huge at LoriCon-many guests perform standup comedy routines based on their love of anime and manga.

Anime conventions bring people together from all over the world. LoriCon has dozens of meetups planned, so come looking for your fellow fans-and don’t be shy about starting up your own if they’re not already happening.

In Conclusion

LoriCon is an anime convention that’s been going on for years, and each year it gets bigger and better. If you follow this guide, you know what to expect and how to prepare for the upcoming LoriCon so that your experience will be everything it can be.

You’ll easily make the most of your time and money and maybe even meet some cool anime fans to hang out with.

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