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VIECC Vienna Comic Con Event
Here's An Essential Guide To VIECC Vienna Comic Con 8

VIECC Vienna Comic Con is a convention for fans of Japanese pop culture. It is held at the Messe Wien Exhibition Centre, in Vienna, Austria. The convention was created to celebrate manga and anime fandom in Europe.

It offers a variety of activities, such as panels with famous voice actors, workshops on manga drawing, merchandising, galleries of fan-made work and anime music videos.


VIECC Vienna Comic Con is held on one Saturday every year. The first day of the convention is for professionals only. It includes various panels hosted by sofas, where guests talk about their work and are open to professional commissions.

On the second day, anyone can enter the convention. Everyone pays some amount to get in, and this gets them access to all activities, panels, workshops and performances.

The convention has a broad range of activities, such as anime screenings in a movie theater, voice actor panels and concerts.

VIECC Vienna Comic Con also offers various workshops on making manga drawings, tutorials about cosplay costumes and dance workshops for anime music.

It also has a large exhibition area, where fan-made art is displayed in the form of an art gallery. And there is a range of different merchandising stands to offer people exclusive and limited editions of anime merchandise.

What to Expect at VIECC Vienna Comic Con

Here are 8 things you should not miss out on at this event:


VIECC Vienna Comic Con cosplay
Here's An Essential Guide To VIECC Vienna Comic Con 9

This is one of the activities that will take place at Vienna Comic Con. This is a big part of many people's experiences when attending this event. There are also contests where participants can win prizes for their costumes.

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Participants who do not want to enter into the contest can still dress up. You might even see some familiar faces from TV shows.


If you are a fan of certain actors or actresses, you will certainly enjoy the autograph sessions at Vienna Comic Con. There are also special sessions for comic artists who write graphic novels.

This is not only an opportunity to get your favorite stars' signatures, but it is also a chance to take a picture with them. Make sure to bring your camera.


There are many panels taking place around the Vienna Comic Con event. The participants can interact with famous people who will talk about their job, show clips of TV shows or explain how they act in front of the camera. You might even learn something new.


In order to buy your favorite merchandise from TV shows, games and other entertainment stuff, you should get at Vienna Comic Con early. There are rare collectibles that you can only get there. If you want to take a picture with these items, make sure to come earlier since they might not be available.

Props and Walls

Who does not want to wave a magic wand and shout: "Wingardium Leviosa!"? If you are a Harry Potter fan, do not miss these props and walls! You might need more than one.


There will be vendors who sell unique items such as figurines or comic books at the Vienna Comic Con event. You can also buy clothes with your favorite character on them.

Cosplay contest

This is one of the most awaited events not just at Vienna Comic Con but also around the world. The participants will represent their favorite TV shows, movies, comics and more.

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All cosplayers should stay tuned for this event because they might win some special prizes if their costumes are impressive.

Meet celebrities

If you are a fan of certain TV shows, movies or games, this is the perfect activity for you to enjoy at the Vienna Comic Con event. There are also special sessions where you will get autographs from your favorite stars. Just make sure to bring your camera along to take pictures with them.

What to Pack for a Day at the Convention

VIECC Vienna Comic Convention
Here's An Essential Guide To VIECC Vienna Comic Con 10

It's a good idea to make sure you have everything you need on hand before you head out for a day at the convention. It can be easy to forget a single thing, and it's generally best not to count on there being anything of use inside the convention itself.

Check out this list of items that should always be on your checklist of things to bring with you.

Extra money

You never know what will happen, so it's best to have some extra cash on hand for emergencies.


Pictures are a great way to capture the experience and share them with other people later. Also, phones are very useful for catching up on news and other information while you're at a convention.

Personal hygiene items

This is a given to anyone going to any kind of event that requires being around huge crowds of people for an extended period of time.

Portable battery pack

If you're bringing a phone, it's always best to have extra battery power available in case of emergencies. Got something you want to show off on social media? You'll be able to do that more readily if your phone isn't close to out of juice.


If the con is taking place over multiple days, this is especially important to have on hand. Some cons are known for being so packed with people that there is no practical place available to stop and even take a break during the day.

It's much better to have food or water on you than it is to end up collapsing or passing out due to dehydration.

Hand sanitizer

Unless you want to spend the night before your next convention scrubbing yourself with antibacterial soap, you should always have hand sanitizer on hand. This is especially important for winter conventions.

A map/schedule

Let's face it, things get chaotic at conventions, and you might accidentally end up going in the wrong direction or simply lose track of time and forget to keep track of what's happening and where. If you bring a schedule (physical or digital) with you, this isn't likely to happen.

A bag

This is also a necessary piece of equipment for any convention, particularly summer cons. All that walking around can really build up a sweat (and potentially lead to heat stroke if you're not careful).

So, having something on hand to hold all your stuff and help you maintain your personal hygiene will be invaluable.

You should always have a first-aid kit, a comfortable pair of shoes, and enough money to buy things on hand before going on a long day at the convention.

Without these necessities, it's easy to end up with problems later about how you didn't bring something along. If you take care of your personal needs beforehand, you're much more likely to have a good time.

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SnowDragon: Kirishima Cosplay

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