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MiZacKo Convention
MiZacKo Convention: The Perfect Place to Celebrate Your Hobby 28

MiZacKo is a manga and anime convention that takes place in Germany. This event attracts thousands of manga and anime fans from all over the country. Attendees can enjoy a variety of different activities such as cosplay contests, manga readings, and anime screenings.

There is also a large dealers’ room where fans can purchase all sorts of merchandise related to their favorite shows. The event takes place over the course of three days.

The first day is dedicated to workshops, panels, and screenings. The following two are for contests, games, etc.. There are also several autograph sessions where fans can meet their favorite voice actors or artists.

MiZacKo Manga and Anime Convention Germany: What to Expect

This three-day event will have something for everyone, from cosplayers and anime fans to manga lovers and gamers. You can expect exhibits, contests, panels and more, all dedicated to everything manga and anime. So, what should you expect when attending MiZacKo? Here are just a few highlights:

Cosplay Contest

MiZacKo cosplay
MiZacKo Convention: The Perfect Place to Celebrate Your Hobby 29

First up is the cosplay contest. If you’re planning on dressing up as your favorite character, be sure to enter this contest for a chance to win some great prizes.


There will also be an anime music video contest, so if you’re talented in that area, be sure to submit your work. Anime movies and panels will be screened throughout the weekend as well, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Manga Library

Manga fans won’t want to miss the manga library where you can trade your old manga for new ones. The library holds over 300 books and is open to all shoppers (for a small fee). There will also be manga-inspired art and illustrations on display so you can admire all the talent.

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And if that’s not enough, there will be a costume contest for manga characters. This is definitely an event anime, and manga fans won’t want to miss.


If you’re more of a manga person, there will be exciting events planned for you too. There will be workshops in both manga art and cosplay, so if you’re interested in either, you’ll want to check these out.

Other workshops include the “Making Comics” panel, where fans learn how to create their own comics based on an idea they bring, and the “Anime vs. Manga” panel, where fans can debate which medium is better.


And, of course, there will be vendors on hand who sell anime items for both collectors and casual fans alike. So be sure to stop by their booths to see what kind of cool stuff they have. There are plenty of other activities throughout the weekend, so be sure to visit the official site for more information.

Drawing Contest

And if you’re just looking for a day of fun with your family, don’t worry – MiZacKo’s got you covered with a bunch of different activities and contests.

Children can enter the “Monster Drawing Challenge,” in which they’ll be able to draw their favorite anime characters, and the best drawing will win a prize. Or, if your child is an artist or into art, maybe they’d rather enter this super fun contest where participants use markers to color in a picture of Goku.

The winner will receive an anime art book, so if your child’s looking for some inspiration or simply has a knack for drawing, this would be the perfect opportunity to make them shine.

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If you appreciate manga and anime as much as the next person, then you won’t want to miss MiZacKo. This three-day event will feature contests, exhibits and panels dedicated to all things manga and anime.

Cosplay Tips for First-Timers at MiZacKo

MiZacKo Event
MiZacKo Convention: The Perfect Place to Celebrate Your Hobby 30

If you’re attending MiZacKo, Germany’s largest manga and anime convention, then you’ll want to dress up as your favorite character! But if you’ve never cosplayed before, don’t worry-we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Start with your favorite character

First of all, you’ll want to select your favorite character. It’s not enough to simply say, “My favorite is ____,” but you’ll need to explain why they are your favorite. What do they like? Why do you like them? Is there anything about this character that strikes a chord in you? How do they act that you admire or wish to emulate?

Select a costume for your character

You’ll need to choose which of your favorite characters’ costumes you want to bring to life. You can do this by doing some research, surfing the web, looking through books, asking around if anyone knows of someplace you can buy cheap cosplay or cheap wigs, etc.

If your favorite character has multiple costumes (for example, Sailor Neptune might wear her school uniform, her normal outfit on land, and her super-powered sailor fuku), feel free to use any of them.

Make a plan for your costume

Once you’ve chosen your favorite character and their costume, it’s time to start planning. If you’re cosplaying someone fairly simple (such as Sailor Neptune in her school uniform), then this might be fairly easy.

If you’re cosplaying something more complicated (Sailor Uranus in all ten of her outfits, for example), then making a plan will be more important. You’ll also need to make a list of all the things you will need for your costume.

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For example, if you’re cosplaying Sailor Neptune in her super sailor fuku, you’ll need some ribbons, some brooches, a tiara, her earrings, gloves, boots (if she’s got them), some pink fabric, some white cloth, some thread, etc.

Make a list of everything you’ll need to make your cosplay-if it’s complicated or custom made, make sure to get materials for everything.

Find things that will help you get into character

Once you’ve found all the pieces for your cosplay (see step 4), make sure to incorporate things that will help you get into character.

For example, if you’re cosplaying Sailor Neptune in her super sailor fuku, you’ll want to act like a kind-hearted heroine. You can do this by smiling sweetly at people, helping them when they need it, etc.


The MiZacKo Manga and Anime Convention are one of the most popular fan conventions in Germany. The event takes place every year, with over 5000 visitors attending per day. If you’re a fan of anime or manga, this convention is definitely worth a visit.

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SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Xiao Cosplay

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