NiCon Convention
NiCon Convention: An Event You Won't Want to Miss 23

NiCon is one of Europe’s largest anime and manga conventions which will be taking place in Germany. It will feature panels, workshops, cosplay competitions, videogame tournaments, games show floor and much more.

The convention has several special guests in attendance, such as mangaka-turned-voice actor Noriaki Sugiyama, who played Naruto in the Japanese version of the anime.


There are also several big events taking place at NiCon, such as ESL Dota 2 and League of Legends tournaments. And last but not least, there will be a Cosplay Masquerade in which you could participate if you’re into cosplay.

Why is NiCon the Ultimate Anime and Manga Convention?

NiCon is the perfect place to indulge in everything that is anime and manga-related. From meeting your favorite voice actors and actresses to perusing the Artist Alley for one-of-a-kind artwork to cosplaying as your favorite character, this convention has something for everyone.

So, why is NiCon so special? Let’s explore!

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NiCon is the perfect place to live out your anime dreams! Up-and-coming voice actors and actresses are on hand to talk about their craft, take requests from fans, and sign autographs. The convention offers a large Artist Alley where talented artists showcase their latest work.

In fact, you might even find an original work of art that you are looking for at a great price. For the cosplay enthusiast, NiCon offers an amazing array of panels and contests throughout the weekend, including Best in Show.

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The convention also offers other events like dances, movies screenings, or video game tournaments to round out your experience. NiCon is held at various venues across Germany to allow fans access to different hotels, shopping areas, and transportation hubs.

Connected venues lead to a convention-long weekend of fun with plenty of chances to meet fellow anime and manga fans across Germany. Fans from all over have been flocking to NiCon for years because of the many opportunities it offers.

Plus, NiCon is both kid-friendly and family-friendly. It brings the anime convention experience to you with fun events, exciting attractions, and hundreds of your favorite people.

The best part? It’s all included in one ticket price! Whether you are an anime veteran or someone who loves manga or cosplay, the convention has something for you. NiCon is the anime and manga convention you won’t want to miss.

10 Tips for Cosplay at NiCon

NiCon cosplay
NiCon Convention: An Event You Won't Want to Miss 24

This convention is a great place for cosplayers of all levels of experience, and here are 10 tips to make the most of your time there. Cosplay is all about having fun, so follow these tips, and you’re sure to have a great time.

Be open to a new experience

The NiCon Anime and Manga convention is one of Germany’s biggest events for cosplayers, so don’t worry if you’re not from that country. Be excited to meet new people who come from all over the planet, share your interests with other anime fans, and enjoy yourself.

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Cosplay with people

Spend time in your favorite character’s skin and share their interests with other cosplayers. Cosplaying is meant to be a fun activity where you connect with others, so try dressing up with another person.

Enjoy yourself no matter the weather

You might not know what kind of weather awaits you at the NiCon Anime and Manga Convention, but you can bet it will be a pleasant day. Be enthusiastic even if it rains, and celebrate how much fun you have no matter what the temperature is.

Don’t forget your ID

Before you head out to Germany, make sure that it has an international presence on the web so others can find out more about the NiCon Anime and Manga Convention. Be sure to upload images of yourself in cosplay, or at least add your personal website or blog, so people know who you are.

Bring cash for vendors

When you get hungry, don’t forget to bring some money with you. The NiCon Anime and Manga Convention in Germany will have lots of vendors who sell everything from anime merchandise to food, so make sure you bring enough cash to take advantage of their deals.

Visit the gamer’s village

The NiCon Anime and Manga Convention in Germany is a great place for gamers and manga lovers alike. If you enjoy games like League of Legends, be sure to check it out!

After hours is the best time for cosplay photos

After the convention closes every day, don’t forget to go back with friends and take some fun photoshoots in your favorite costumes. Get everyone together and dress up as your favorite characters for a night of fun and laughter.

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Dress up as a group

NiCon group cosplay
NiCon Convention: An Event You Won't Want to Miss 25

Not everyone has a group of friends to dress up with, but if you do, here’s an idea: split into teams and go as rivals from the same series or as characters from completely different ones. There are all sorts of fun combinations that will make your time at the NiCon Anime and Manga Convention fun for everyone.

Check out the artists’ alley

The NiCon Anime and Manga Convention in Germany have lots of rooms dedicated to artists who make everything from anime-style drawings to manga, doujin comics, and more! Be sure to check it out – you might find some things you like to take home with you.

Cosplay makeovers before the convention start

When you wake up on the day of the NiCon Anime and Manga Convention, why not try your hand at a cosplay makeover? There are lots of tutorials that you can find online, or if it’s too early for that, just put on a costume and have fun!

In Conclusion

The NiCon in Germany is a fantastic event for anime fans of all ages. It’s one of the largest events in Europe, with over 10,000 visitors every year. With so many diverse cultures to explore, there are plenty of cosplayers from around the world attending this convention to show off their costumes.

SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Xiao Cosplay
SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Xiao Cosplay

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