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Nippon Nation is an anime, manga and cosplay convention in Vienna. Fans of Japanese culture come together to celebrate their favorite movies, TV shows, games, books, music and more at this annual event in Austria.

Fans dress up as their favorite characters from the exciting world of Japanese pop culture and meet new friends who share similar interests. Nippon Nation offers a wide variety of exhibitors and fun activities for attendees to enjoy, including video games, panels about anime and manga with special guests from Japan, voice actor screenings and concerts.

The convention hosts an exciting cosplay contest that draws contestants from all over the world who compete in multiple categories for top prizes.

Nippon Nation typically takes place in May each year, making it the ultimate anime and manga convention for fans of these genres to attend. The convention attracts thousands of people from Austria and neighboring countries.

What to Expect at Nippon Nation

This convention is a celebration of all things Japanese and promises to be a fun-filled day for fans of anime, manga and cosplay. Here are some of the things you can expect when attending Nippon Nation-anime screenings, cosplay contests, manga workshops and more:

Anime and manga screenings

Nippon Nation will be hosting anime and comic book screenings, as well as Japanese movie premiere showings. These screenings include live-action Japanese films, dubbed Japanese movies and original Japanese anime series.

Cosplay contests

Nippon Nation cosplay
Nippon Nation: The Best Place to Connect with Anime and Manga Fans 6

Fans of cosplay will surely enjoy the costume contest that takes place at this convention-there are prizes available for the best costumes and photo shoots.

Manga workshops

For those interested in drawing their own manga, there will be a workshop where attendees can learn how to draw various manga characters. There will also be a panel session discussing various types of manga styles and genres.

Other activities

In addition to anime screenings, cosplay contests and manga workshops, Nippon Nation will also feature a variety of other activities. These include video arcade games, raffles and contests, anime music video contests, tabletop games and Japanese rock bands and artists.

This provides something for everyone who attends the convention, whether they are interested in anime, manga or cosplay or not. This makes Nippon Nation a great choice for anyone looking for a fun day out with friends or family.

What to Cosplay at Nippon Nation

Nippon Nation event
Nippon Nation: The Best Place to Connect with Anime and Manga Fans 7

The Nippon Nation convention is all about anime, manga, and cosplay. This means that if you’re looking to cosplay at an event this summer, this is the one for you! There are tons of great options to choose from, whether you’re a fan of classic titles or more recent shows.

One great option is to cosplay as a character from Attack on Titan. The anime has become insanely popular in recent years, and there are plenty of costumes that can be adapted to fit any body type.

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, consider cosplaying as a character from Naruto. The manga and anime series are both extremely popular, and there are tons of intricate costumes to choose from.

Another great option is to cosplay as a character from Sailor Moon. This series has been popular for years, and there are enough options that every type of body can find something to wear. From cute skirts perfect for twirling to necklaces and headpieces, you’ll be able to feel like a princess in one of these costumes.

If you’re looking to cosplay as a character from Kimi ni Todoke, another classic anime, you’ll want to add some pastel colors and flowy fabrics. There are tons of options when it comes to this outfit, so pick something that makes you feel great.

No matter what kind of cosplay outfit you want to wear, Nippon Nation will make it easy for you to pick out something great. The convention is full of vendors that specialize in anime and manga, so you’ll be able to find just the right outfit no matter what.

Anime and Manga Screenings at Nippon Nation

Nippon Nation will be screening anime and manga classics during their convention in Vienna. The convention will also have a cosplay competition, gaming tournaments, a maid cafe and more.

This is a great opportunity for fans of anime and manga to come together and celebrate their love for these genres.

For those who have always been interested in Japanese culture but have never really delved deeper into it, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Cosplay costumes and technology have evolved quite a bit since anime conventions started gaining popularity.

In fact, one could say that cosplay has become a full-fledged sport with dedicated gamers and performers who invest a lot of time and money into their respective costumes.

At the Nippon Nation Convention, anime screenings will take place throughout the whole day. Holding these showings outside of Japan gives everyone in Europe an opportunity to enjoy great classics in a setting that is quite different from typical film cinemas.

Another major part of the convention is the cosplay events with costumes created by Austrian fans and cosplayers. This is a great opportunity for fans to show off their costumes and see how they measure up against those of cosplayers from Japan.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for gamers as one can expect gaming tournaments as well as live performances such as Dance Revolution and pop’n music.

Gaming events such as these are held around the world and attract a dedicated fan base with people who travel from all around to compete in these tournaments.

If you’re interested, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to experience Japanese culture and meet like-minded fans from around the world.

In Conclusion

We hope that this blog post has given you some insight into the Nippon Nation Anime, Manga and Cosplay Convention. If you are an anime or manga enthusiast in Vienna, we highly recommend checking out this event.

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