Sakana Matsuri convention
Sakana Matsuri: A Convention to Enjoy all Things Manga 5

For those of you unfamiliar with what a manga convention is, it’s a place where people can come together and celebrate everything that has to do with Japanese culture and its iconic comic books, anime, and media.

The Sakana Matsuri is one of the biggest and longest-running German conventions and has been happening every year for more than a decade. From famous artists to popular media reps and cosplay groups/individuals, the Sakana Matsuri brings together a wide range of talent and experience for attendees and fans alike.

10 Things to Expect at Sakana Matsuri

There are 10 things you should expect at this event:

Voice actor and actress panels

There will be Q&A sessions for guests so you can learn more about the voice actors and actresses themselves. Their respective panels will also focus on their roles in anime shows and movies, where they will discuss what it’s like to participate in such works.

Cosplay show

Sakana Matsuri cosplay
Sakana Matsuri: A Convention to Enjoy all Things Manga 6

There will be a cosplay contest where members of the audience can dress up as their favorite anime characters and compete. The performances will feature dancing and singing along with skits that can be created by the cosplayers themselves.

Doujinshi Festival and market

It’s a festival where fans can show their talents as artists to create doujinshi; think of it as a fan-made manga that is sold at the convention.

Doujinshi are usually drawn by fans of an anime or manga series so expect some interesting stories to unfold. There is also a market where they sell doujinshi, cosplay items and other merchandise.


There will be booths featuring the works of artists who draw fan-made manga. Some of these artists come from Germany, while some are Japanese. Their work can be purchased by attendees who have more cash on hand or exchange points that can be used at the convention.

Music performance

There will be a DJ room where DJs will play their favorite music tracks for everyone to enjoy. Attendees can participate in a dance contest as well as karaoke to show off their singing skills. There will be other music performances, but we can’t tell you too much about this yet.

Japanese food and drinks

The event organizer, OSA Media, has decided to include Japanese food and drinks in the convention itself. This includes meals such as ramen, sushi and other traditional dishes. There will be beverage booths where attendees can buy drinks such as green tea.

Manga drawing demonstration

A special guest from Japan will demonstrate how to draw manga characters from the ground up. This way, newcomers who are interested in creating their own doujinshi can learn more about what they need to do for this purpose.

Cosplay Lounge

A cosplay lounge will be available for attendees who want a break from the convention itself. There will be couches and chairs where they can sit down and chat with their friends while getting some refreshments.


Sakana Matsuri gaming
Sakana Matsuri: A Convention to Enjoy all Things Manga 7

There will be an arcade room where attendees can play their favorite games for prizes. These are mostly claw machines, but there are also prize machines that give out stickers and charms at random.

Photography Booth

Photos taken at the convention will be categorized by the date of the event so you can see what fun activities went on during each date. There will also be a photo booth where attendees can dress up and take some funny photos to show off to their friends on social media sites such as Facebook.

How to Dress for Sakana Matsuri

Sakana Matsuri is a celebration of Japanese culture and manga, so you’ll want to dress in keeping with that theme. You can find inspiration in traditional kimono robes or opt for something more modern and colorful. Whatever you choose, make sure your outfit is comfortable and stylish.

If you’re going to a cosplay event, it’s a good idea to wear a costume. Make one yourself or ask a friend to help you out, and don’t forget your makeup and accessories.

If you’d rather not dress up in something so extravagant, simply pick an outfit that reflects the spirit of manga. There are lots of different styles that you can choose from, so the possibilities are endless.

A traditional Japanese kimono robe is a great idea for dressing up at the Sakana Matsuri manga convention because it reflects Japanese culture. Kimono robes are usually made of silk or synthetic fabrics like polyester, which keeps them lightweight and comfortable to wear even on hot days.

White kimono robes are the most formal, but you can also wear lighter colors like peach or lavender. To go along with your kimono robe, try wearing tabi toe socks and get sandals.

Tabi socks are worn specifically in Japan and help keep your feet clean. Geta sandals are similar to flip-flops, and the raised platform helps keep your feet off the hot ground. If you’re not used to wearing geta, just stick with cute flats.

If you don’t want to wear a kimono robe or tabi socks, feel free to wear something that’s more modern. Just like traditional kimono robes, modern outfits can be made of silk or synthetic fabrics and come in a variety of colors. The only difference is that modern clothes tend to have brighter designs and patterns.

What to Bring to Sakana Matsuri

If you want to make the most of your experience at the festival, here are some things you should bring with you:


If you’re one of those people who don’t like carrying around a purse, there is always the option to bring your water bottle with you in place of an extra bag. Why carry around two when one will do?


The best way to document your time at Sakana Matsuri is through pictures, so make sure you don’t forget the old digital camera or even that fancy new phone that takes all of those selfies. You can send them out to get developed when you get back home.


You never know what kinds of sounds may be coming from the halls at Sakana Matsuri. If you want to avoid the awkwardness that comes with asking people to turn it down, just bring some earplugs, and you can block out the loud music and/or large crowds with ease.

Comfortable Clothes

Sakana Matsuri is a convention for all anime, manga and Japanese culture fans, so it would be expected that you dress up in your favorite character costume or cosplay. The fun doesn’t have to stop there, though.

Feel free to wear anything you’d like, even if it’s your casual everyday clothes. Just make sure you’re comfortable. It can be easy to get caught up in all of the excitement at Sakana Matsuri and forget about how long you’ve been walking around for.

A Few Dollars

There are some events that may cost you a few dollars. If you want to participate in any of these special activities, make sure you have money on hand.

In the end, it all comes down to what kind of trip do you want to have? Do you want to be one of those people wandering around aimlessly, or do you want a packed day full of fun?

Bring what you need and make sure you pick up anything else while you’re at Sakana Matsuri. If not, no worries! There will be plenty of dealers to supply all your needs.

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