MEX Berlin Expo
Why You Should Go To MEX Berlin Anime And Manga Expo 31

The MEX Berlin convention takes place in Germany and is a great opportunity for fans of both anime and manga to come together and celebrate their love for the genres.

There are plenty of exhibits, panels, cosplay contests and more at MEX Berlin, so it’s definitely something that all fans should check out.


What to Expect at MEX Berlin

The expo is a celebration of Japanese culture in Germany. It features artists, cosplayers, manga fans, anime fans, video gamers and more who come together for a weekend full of events.

Attendees are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character or wear costumes that will make them stand out on stage during showcases or performances.

There are also over 50 different workshops planned with topics including drawing manga, writing anime scripts and even learning some traditional Japanese dance.

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Let’s take a look at what you can expect at this exciting event:


Manga and anime writers and artists from Germany and around the world will be appearing in person, many of them for their first time in Europe. You can meet your idols in person.

You can also enjoy some of the biggest stars in Japanese music, like JAM Project (known for their work on “Super Robot Wars” and Animetal USA (known for their work on Pokémon).

Anime Screenings

There will be special screenings of shows that played a big part in anime becoming the powerhouse it is today. Fans can also enjoy screenings of anime classics like “Akira” and “Paprika.”

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Cosplay Competition

MEX Berlin cosplay
Why You Should Go To MEX Berlin Anime And Manga Expo 32

The stage will be taken by some of the best cosplayers in Europe, who are competing for prizes. MEX has invited cosplayers from across Germany to join them on stage.

There will also be special workshops introducing cosplay and how it has become such an important part of Japanese culture.


There are more than 50 workshops scheduled over the course of the weekend, with topics ranging from Japanese dance to martial arts like kendo to comics like manga and anime.

You can learn about traditional Japanese instruments or try out some traditional Japanese dance. MEX provides a social space for its attendees, so it’s the perfect event to make new friends who share your interests.


Every year, MEX brings in top names from Japan and around the world to perform at the event. This year is no different, with JAM Project performing before they head off to Japan Expo in Paris.


There will be food trucks throughout the venue, with sushi and German sausages on offer. It’s an opportunity to experience some of the best of both worlds.

There are many more activities planned for this year’s MEX Berlin Anime and Manga Expo, so make sure you come out and experience the fun for yourself.

How to Make the Most of Your Day at MEX Berlin

MEX Berlin event
Why You Should Go To MEX Berlin Anime And Manga Expo 33

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your day at MEX Berlin:

Arrive early.

This is especially important if this will be your first-time attending MEX Berlin, as the line to enter can grow very long before opening hours.

Get there before panels begin.

Make sure to line up for your desired panel as soon as the scheduled time arrives, as space is very limited.

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Take part in the many contests and games at MEX Berlin.

There will be lots of chances to win free anime swag.

Be prepared to answer questions about your favorite series/characters.

The contest hosts will ask fans trivia questions about the anime they are watching, so make sure you pay attention to any details you may be asked about later on.

Be aware of sales and special deals that will be offered throughout the day.

Many guests, artists, and dealers offer discounts on their goods or services for attendees.

Don’t forget to eat/drink.

Make sure you break for food and water every now and then. There are some great places in the surrounding area of MEX Berlin to get a bite, so don’t feel obligated to stick around the convention center if you are feeling famished or thirsty.

Be patient during crowded periods.

There are many people trying to see the same things that you are! Be courteous and wait your turn.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

A handful of the attractions have limited seating space, so you’ll want to be prepared to stand for a long period of time if need be.

Cosplay as your favorite character.

Who knows – you may cross paths with someone who is also dressed as your favorite anime and manga character?

Bring cash.

Many shopping opportunities will be available, and it is much easier to pay with cash than a credit card.

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Pack snacks and water into your bag.

There are concession stands at MEX Berlin, but it is easy to miss them if you aren’t looking for them.

Make friends along the way.

There are a lot of people at MEX Berlin, so you’re sure to run into someone that shares similar interests.

Be polite and respectful while waiting in line or attending panels/autograph sessions.

You would be surprised how many visitors don’t follow this simple rule. Remember, this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

Bring a camera.

Be sure to capture all of the fun and excitement at MEX Berlin after all these memories make for great conversation pieces.

If you see a cosplayer, make sure to stop for a photo.

You’ll likely improve any memory of the event if you have a fun memento to take away from it all.

In Conclusion

The MEX Berlin Anime and Manga Expo is a great opportunity to celebrate Japanese culture and the art of manga and anime. The event is well-organized, and there are plenty of activities for attendees of all ages.

You will enjoy meeting new people, watching some amazing cosplay performances, and browsing the exhibitor booths. We hope that MEX will continue to grow in popularity and bring even more excitement to the world of anime and manga fandom.

SnowDragon: AOT Eren Jaeger Cosplay
SnowDragon: AOT Eren Jaeger Cosplay

Side Note: To collaborate with cosplayers for cosplay events or shootings, you can get in touch with SnowDragon via Instagram.