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9 Famous Male Cosplayers Who Took The World By Storm 5

While it may seem like cosplay is exclusively for women, there are plenty of men who dress up in costumes and act alongside their female counterparts. We don’t have any statistics on the number of male cosplayers out there, but we do know that they exist.

The art of cosplay is not only popular in Japan and the United States but also worldwide. Cosplaying has become a hobby for many people who enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters from movies, TV shows, video games and comics. In this article, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite male cosplayers and tell you about their work. This list is not exhaustive by any stretch, so please know that it is only intended to highlight some of the best male cosplayers around the world to inspire you.

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9 Famous Male Cosplayers Who Took The World By Storm 6

Mark sea

For any outfit, Mark Meer plans and creates the most breath-taking outfits. He is also an accomplished voice actor who has lent his vocal talents in video games such as Mass Effect.

One fine day you might find him loaning his rich baritone to Commander Shepard; the following, it could very well be himself in character.

Located in Edmonton, Canada, he operates his own television program called the “Tiny Plastic Men.” It is an entertaining comedic show about toy testers that is sure to win hearts all over with its clever scripts combined with live-action scenes.


Cosplayer Danquish is a one-of-a-kind cosplayer, breathing new life into every character he dons. His costumes are flawless, and he is often seen with some seriously impressive poses to match.

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With his large following, it does not seem like Dan will be slowing down anytime soon in terms of creativity for next year’s big event. We can’t wait to witness what else this guy comes up with then!

Danquish is a Canadian who has been living in Seattle for the past few years. His interest in costuming and props began when he was quite young. Now, he loves cosplaying as armored characters or ninjas.


D-Piddy dresses up as fictional characters and makes YouTube videos. With over 100,000 Facebook likes on his fan page, though, he might be more than just an avid customer. D-Piddy’s work shows off some impressive skills.

D-Piddy’s love for all things pop culture is only matched by his passion for sharing it with the world. Since 2012, he has been making costumes. His favorite character to wear them all? Deadpool, of course!

Harley’s Joker

joker cosplay
9 Famous Male Cosplayers Who Took The World By Storm 7

Anthony Misiano, better known as Harley’s Joker, is a self-described “nerd with an evil smile.” His favorite character to cosplay is the traditional Joker – one who wears a striped purple stick suit with green hair while sporting white makeup and the terrifying grin.

The attention to detail in his clothing and The Joker’s portrayal is so convincing; it is not easy to distinguish him from the real Joker. His partner, Alyssa, is named “Joker’s Harley,” who has been quickly gaining popularity as Misiano. She has over 96,000 followers on Facebook.


Keep your eyes peeled for the newest superhero in town, Knightmage. He crafts amazing costumes and brings superheroes to life. What’s more, this guy is more than just a costumed cosplay artist. He gives back to the community and spreads goodwill through his work.

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On January 14th, Knight helped raise money and donate it in support of 10 different charities. He also spends his spare time perfecting his Moon Knight, Black Widow, and Venom cosplay costumes.

Leon Chiro Cosplay Art

Leon Chiro’s work is a true tribute to the creativity and craftsmanship that he put into it. His renditions of ensembles from Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed are nothing short of astonishing. Each outfit captures not only color but also movement like no other artist can manage.

It would be hard to come up with something original when comparing Leon right off hand. That is because you are looking at someone who has dedicated their life doing what they love most: Cosplaying.

Chiro has been cosplaying for years, and he never gets tired of it. His ensembles and props are so carefully curated that he even plans them out on the ground with extra energy. When not in character, Chiro is a model with an undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy.

Kelan Ord

Kelan Ord has a lot of pride in being a “geek.” He loves all things science fiction. His apartment is decorated with posters from Star Wars movies; he is seen countless times; you’d think it was his home.

He is one of the members of the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club. He crafts his own prop weapons, including lightsabers and laser blasters, as well as armor from scratch. His greatest creation is an outfit based on Star Wars icon Boba Fett which is considered one if not “the best” cosplay outfit out there.

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Steven K. Smith Props

Steven K. Smith has built a career as one of the most renowned cosplay craftsmen and prop producers in Kansas City, Missouri. He has proven to be an international force for good with his work on stage at anime conventions across America as well as other events around the world.

The man has been in love with computer games for as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until recently that his passion took on new shapes. He started off by recreating the outfits from some favorite games, including Buzz Axes and Borderlands Psycho Bandit Veils. Steven then began to push his limits further than anyone could have imagined possible.

Captain cosplay

Captain Cosplay is the world’s most renowned cosplay artist, specializing in one character: Captain America. He has captured every detail and emotion to create an authentic representation of this superhero from World War 2 that will make you feel like Steve Rogers himself.

He makes sure that each of his costumes is as authentic and true to life as it can be. He spends a lot of time making props, scenic elements for characters and costumes, so you know exactly what character he is playing.

There you have it – top 9 best male cosplayers around the world rising in popularity. We all know that cosplay is a big part of the festival scene.

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