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Androgynous Style: Some Androgynous Characters From Popular Games 5

Since cosplay has become one of the most popular hobbies in the world, it has inspired people to be more open in their gender expression. Many people who are beginning to explore their gender identity may choose to cosplay characters that look like them or fit their feelings about themselves better than when they try to dress up as someone of the opposite sex.

One example is the androgynous style. It’s where a person subconsciously or consciously tries to appear more masculine or feminine than they naturally are, and it can be identified by those who closely follow popular culture as well as those who don’t.

What is an Androgynous Style?

Androgynous cosplay style
Androgynous Style: Some Androgynous Characters From Popular Games 6

Androgyny is defined as the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics in any one individual, especially in dress. This means that men and women can both wear the same clothing item but still appear dressed in an opposite style.

Androgynous fashion is usually dominated by black clothing items since many designers believe it’s the one color that doesn’t associate with any specific gender role.

For example, a man could wear skinny black jeans, black boots, and a black shirt and appear more masculine than he would if he wore jeans, the same boots, but a redshirt. This is because purple and red are colors that many people associate with femininity, so it’s common for men to avoid those colors.

On the other hand, women who wear androgynous styles may wear things like t-shirts, skinny black jeans, tall leather boots, or even shorts that are more masculine than they would wear if they wore a dress. This is because dresses are often associated with femininity and can be worn by either gender.

People may not think women have much choice when it comes to what they wear since most of the time, clothing items for women are more feminine than those for men, but this is not true.

People who want to wear things that are for the opposite gender can still cross-dress and appear in style by choosing clothing items that are popular among people of both genders, which is what androgynous style fashion is all about.

What Has Cosplay To Do With Androgynous Style?

Cosplay androgynous style
Androgynous Style: Some Androgynous Characters From Popular Games 7

Cosplay has inspired many people to be more open about their gender expression since it’s more common to see men cosplaying characters that are perceived as feminine than vice versa.

It is also difficult for male characters in anime or manga to be androgynous because most of the time, they appear masculine, but there are plenty of female characters that fit into this category.

5 Cosplays that are Androgynous Characters from Popular Games

Rukia Kuchiki- Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach is known for her beautiful white hair, high collar, blue eyes, pale skin, and black uniform with long arm covers. Since she is a shinigami (soul reaper), the uniform that she wears has both masculine and feminine features.

The black color is mostly associated with masculinity, while the high collar, long arm sleeves, and short skirts are mainly associated with femininity. The clothes Rukia Kuchiki wears are intentionally designed to give her an androgynous appearance.

Rin Tohsaka- Fate/stay night

Rin Tohsaka is an anime character popularly known for her talent in magic, red eyes, and long black hair. She wears a lot of red since it’s the color that represents both her name and magic color.

Her outfit consists of a black blouse with puffy white sleeves, which is mostly associated with femininity. The red skirt she is wearing falls above her knees and has two layers, which is a color that is often worn by women in Japanese anime. In addition, Rin’s high-heeled boots complete the androgynous look of her outfit.

Nagisa Momoe- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Nagisa Momoe is a character from the popular anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She’s known for her pastel hair color that has pink undertones, lavender eyes, and long sleeves with ribbons tied to them.

There are several features of Nagisa Momoe’s outfit that are signs of femininity, such as the pink color and ribbons on her sleeves. However, there are also some features that are associated with masculinity in her outfits, like the white-collar around her neck and the buttons fastened to it.

Another thing is that she wears dark shoes with what appear to be laces tied in a knot instead of traditional high heels.

Lana- Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem is a role-playing game that’s popular because of its unique stories and characters, which are inspired by fantasy themes. For example, Lana is one of the characters who wear an outfit that has both masculine and feminine elements to it.

Her skirt appears to be short, but it can’t be seen if she is wearing knee-high boots with buttons on the sides. The red fabric that hangs from her skirt also hides the bottom half of her legs, which are covered by black tights.

This makes Lana’s outfit more masculine instead of feminine because she uses black boots and tights to complement the shortness of her skirt. In addition, instead of a bow tie at the front of her outfit, Lana uses a ribbon with two points to make it appear more masculine as well.

Elma- Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles is an RPG game that contains many beautiful characters who wear clothing items that appear both masculine and feminine at the same time. For example, Elma is a character who wears a red shirt with ties on the inside of her shirt and black pants.

Her shoulders are covered by fabric that has four points on each side of her arms, and she also has two ties on the back of her shirt as well. The end result is a beautiful and masculine outfit that is completed with Elma’s brown boots and gloves.

In Conclusion

It is completely acceptable for a person to dress as the opposite gender. It’s all about having fun and being creative with what you can do with your cosplay. As long as they’re not hurting anyone else along the way, then go ahead!

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