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In the world of cosplay, love blossoms in unexpected places. As much as we ignore it, there are a number of positive aspects to having a relationship with a cosplayer. In this article, we will explore reasons why you should date a cosplayer and things you need to know about dating a cosplayer.

We have all heard the question before from friends, family and significant others who want to know why you would waste your time dating a girl who spends a majority of her time playing dress-up.

There is no doubt about it; if you are an average Joe (or Jane) sports enthusiast who spends your life watching TV and drinking beer with the boys, there might be some concern for this person. On the other hand, why would anyone want to date someone like that?

Cosplay is a rapidly growing hobby that has gained worldwide respect in recent years due to the amount of work that goes into costumes, the love for your favorite character, and even traveling to conventions across the country.

It is not like any other hobby you might find in your local game store or comic book store; it brings together people who share a common interest, and it can be extremely rewarding. Once again, why would anyone want to date a cosplayer? Here’s why!

Reasons Why You Should Date a Cosplayer

date cosplayer
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There are plenty of benefits that come from dating a cosplayer. The biggest one is that no matter what the situation is, there will always be a way to incorporate cosplay and having fun in some sort of fashion.

  • If your girlfriend/boyfriend is a cosplayer, they will always understand and appreciate what you do for them on their special day.
  • They already know what to expect when they go to a convention.
  • A good cosplayer will always be well dressed and ready for action.
  • You could just wear your boyfriend/girlfriend’s costume out on the town and pretend to be them.
  • Your partner will understand your passion and dedication to any project you have.
  • They will always go everywhere with you, whether it’s a convention or shopping for fabric.
  • Cosplayers are very passionate about their craft and love what they do. You can find someone who shares your interests no matter how specific your passions are.
  • Cosplayers are usually very humble people despite being known in their respective communities.
  • Cosplayers usually have a very healthy and positive body image, which is a great start for a potential relationship.
  • If your cosplayer has been active in the community for more than 3 years, they’ve seen it all, and they won’t judge you.
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What You Need to Know About Dating a Cosplayer

If you’re thinking of dating a cosplayer, there are a few things you should know. First, cosplayers are passionate about their hobby, and they love to share their love of costumes and characters with others.

They often have extensive knowledge of the character or movie they’re portraying, and they’re usually happy to talk about it with anyone who will listen.

Cosplayers also tend to be very creative people, and they often have other talents as well. Many are musicians or artists, and some can even sew their own costumes. They’re often very friendly and outgoing people, but they can also be quite stubborn if they set their mind to something.

If you decide to date a cosplayer, be prepared for some long conversations about the character they’re portraying. They probably won’t ask about your hobbies, and they may not be very interested in anything else you have to say.

Don’t take it personally-you can still have a good time together as long as you don’t mind talking about cosplay all the time.

First Date Ideas with Cosplayers

date ideas with cosplayers
Here's What To Expect When You Date A Cosplayer 7

Cosplayers are people too. They have interests, they have passions, and they usually make an effort to dress up in elaborate costumes for conventions. But what do you do when you’re on a date with someone who loves to dress up? Here are some great first date ideas for cosplayers:

DIY Comic Making

Bring your date to a comic-making station at your local comic book store, or head to the craft store and make it yourself. Then read the books together.

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Go Archiving

Go through old family photos to find ones of your parents dressed up for Halloween as their favorite characters. Admit it; nobody can resist bonding over shared nerdiness.

Cosplay Alignments

Before the date begins, give a list of your favorite anime and manga characters to your date, along with a list of who they’re most like in real life. During the date, you both discuss why each character is similar to you or them! It’s a great way to quickly get to know someone.

Get Your Cards On

Meet your date at the card gaming section of your local game store. If they don’t have an interest in any particular game, you can always play swap or go for a “garage sale” where players set out cards they aren’t interested in playing with that turn (and then can either offer or request cards afterward to build their deck).

Ooh, Shiny!

Go to your local thrift store and look for figurines of characters you love. Or perhaps go vintage shopping at a store like Buffalo Exchange, where it’s easy to find books, comics, video game paraphernalia, or even old CDs for cheap. Then you can build a display case together.

Cosplay It Up

Ask your date to dress up in their favorite character costume before the date so you can see what they look like in it. Then go hit the con floor together to pretend to be characters from your favorite show.

Anime Watching

Netflix and chill, baby! Your favorite anime is out there, waiting to be streamed into your eyes. You save enough money for a month of Netflix by going on a cosplay date first.

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Gaming Nights

Casual play nights are always fun–go to your local tabletop game store or ask around for game nights at your local game store. Remember to bring your favorite snacks or drinks along.

Cosplay Fun Run

Get all the supplies you need from a dollar store, and make craft paper cosplay masks as you jog around the neighborhood together. You can save them as keepsakes after the run is over.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand everything you need to know when it comes to dating a cosplayer.

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