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How To Cosplay As A Guy When You're A Girl: An Essential Guide 4

Girls, today we will be discussing an issue that has long been plaguing crossdressers and cosplayers alike: how to dress like a guy. There are many factors to consider when you try dressing up as a man, such as your size, shape and personality. If you’re considering becoming one of the guys for your favorite anime but don’t know how to dress like one, don’t fret because we have your back.

How to Cosplay as a Guy When You’re a Girl

There are a few things that you can do to cosplay as a guy when you’re a girl. The most important thing is to get the right clothing and accessories. You’ll also need to practice your male voice and body language.

The first step is to find the right clothing. Look for pants, shirts, and jackets that fit you well and make you look like a guy. You can also buy some props to help with your cosplay. Items like wigs, hats, and sunglasses can help you look more like a guy.

The next step is to practice your male voice and body language. Try talking in a deeper voice and standing up straighter. You can also practice walking like a guy. Be sure to take deep breaths and keep your shoulders back.

Once you have the right clothing, props, and voice going for you, it’s time to look at your face and hair. Try hiding any girlish facial features like long eyelashes or rosy cheeks with makeup. You can also style your hair in a short masculine cut or spike it up.

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With a few tricks and adjustments, you can cosplay as a guy no matter what your gender is.

How to Choose the Right Character for your Body Type

cosplaying as a guy when you're a girl
How To Cosplay As A Guy When You're A Girl: An Essential Guide 5

When cosplaying as a guy, it’s important to choose a character that matches your body type. If you’re not sure what your body type is, there are a few ways to figure it out.

First, you can ask a friend or family member to help you identify your body type. They may be able to tell you if you have a pear-shaped body, an apple-shaped body, or a straight body type.

Another way to determine your body type is to look at yourself in the mirror and identify your natural curves. If you have more curves in your hips and thighs, then you likely have a pear-shaped body.

If you have more curves in your bust and waist, then you likely have an apple-shaped body. If you have an even distribution of curves, then you likely have a straight body type.

Once you determine your body type, use that as a reference to choose your first male cosplay. Do not lose hope even if the first male character you find isn’t the perfect match. It may take some trial and error before you find a character who fits you like a glove.

Another important factor in choosing the right male character to cosplay is your hair type. If you have short hair, it may be best to choose a male character with short hair, even if the character has long hair in the anime or manga. It will be easier to style yourself as a guy when you have shorter locks on your head.

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How to Create a Believable Male Persona When Cosplaying

There are a few things to consider when creating a believable male persona when cosplaying. The most important thing is to make sure that your body language and facial expressions match those of a real man.

You should also try to sound like a man and avoid using high-pitched or feminine voices. In addition, it’s important to dress the part. Try to wear clothes that are baggy and masculine, and avoid wearing too much makeup or jewelry.

Dramatically alter your body language.

Act with strong, confident body language to make it clear that you are portraying a man. Avoid feminine movements, such as twisting your hair or hopping instead of walking. If necessary, practice acting more masculine in front of a mirror at home before dressing up for the convention.

Modify your voice.

Develop your voice to sound more masculine. If it is naturally high-pitched, consider talking in a lower tone or taking vocal classes. You can also try humming or mumbling while trying on clothes at the thrift store to find clothes that are big enough for your male costume.

Don’t wear feminine clothing.

While some crossplayers wear girly clothing, a more convincing male costume can include baggy pants and T-shirts. Avoid wearing dresses or skirts unless they are integral to the costume. Additionally, make sure that your clothes are clean and neatly pressed, so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

Look unkempt.

Men typically sport messy hair, five o’clock shadows and badly-fitted clothing. Try to look as shabby as you can, using wrinkled or dirty clothes. However, make sure that your appearance is still neat and clean before going out in public. For example, if you have a costume with dirty pants, take a moment to brush off any dirt on your pants before leaving the house.

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Don’t wear earrings or other accessories.

While some crossplayers sports jewelry to match their male costumes, it’s rare for men to do so in the real world. If you must wear an accessory, try wearing a masculine watch or a bracelet on your right wrist.

Wear comfortable shoes with good traction.

Real men typically wear sneakers, boots or other flat shoes that are good for walking. Try to avoid wearing high heels or other fashionable shoes, as they can give away your true gender.

In Conclusion

So, you want to cosplay as a guy when you’re a girl? Awesome! It can be a lot of fun to switch things up and cross gender boundaries.

Cosplaying as the opposite gender can be a really fun and rewarding experience. It can also be a little tricky, but with careful planning and execution, you can pull it off without a hitch. Hopefully, this guide will help you with just that.

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