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How To Curl A Cosplay Wig Perfectly In Seven Different Methods 23

Cosplayers can really spend a lot of time and money on their costumes, but the wig is often the most difficult part of getting right. If you’re looking for a more polished look, this guide will teach you how to curl your wig in 7 different methods, so it’s ready for any event.

7 Different Methods for Curling the Perfect Cosplay Wig

curl wig for cosplay
How To Curl A Cosplay Wig Perfectly In Seven Different Methods 24

There are a variety of methods that can be used in order to curl a cosplay wig. These methods include using a curling iron, using hair rollers, using bobby pins, using duckbill clips, using hairspray, using a wig cap, and using hot water.


Using Curling Iron

The curling iron is the most common type of curling construction used to curl a cosplay wig. The curling iron can be any size, but it should preferably have a ceramic core and a length of at least 2 inches so that it will get good coverage over your wig. If you do not have a curling iron or access to one, you can use a hair dryer to curl the wig.

Using curling irons and hair dryers works well if you have time to use them. However, if you are pressed for time or just don’t want to have to run around looking for a working outlet, then the better option is to roll your wig up and pin it up so that it will hold.

curl wig perfectly for cosplay
How To Curl A Cosplay Wig Perfectly In Seven Different Methods 25

Using Hair Rollers

You can use a variety of rollers to curl your wig. You can choose from the following: sponge rollers, velcro rollers, foam curlers, or heated rollers.

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Sponge rollers are often used for short-term wear only because they will wear out over time. If you do not mind replacing them often, then they are fine to use for this purpose.

Velcro rollers are easy to find and work well in terms of rolling your wig up when you need it immediately.

Foam curlers can be found in drugstores or beauty supply stores. The foam is meant for keeping hair in, and you can use them to roll your wig up as well.

Heated rollers are not recommended for synthetic wigs because the fibers will melt and ruin the wig. They work well on natural hair, however, and can be purchased at any beauty supply store. If you do not have access to a curling iron or hair rollers, you can always use bobby pins to curl your wig.

Using Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are nothing more than small metal t-pins that hold the hair in place. If you have some time on your hands and want long-lasting curls instead of instant ones like with curling irons or rollers, then bobby pins are the way to go.

To curl your wig using bobby pins, you will need at least 15-20 pins and two mirrors. You can purchase hair pin sets from online retailers or from your local beauty supply store.

Using Duckbill Clips

If you do not like to use bobby pins, you can try using duckbill clips instead. Duckbill clips are used mainly for long-term wear because they will create a better curl that will last.

They do work well with synthetic wigs, but they are not as effective as bobby pins or hair rollers because you cannot space them out as close to the wig as needed. If you do want to try duckbill clips, then gather a moderate amount of wig hair and place it between two clips so that each clip is holding a section of hair.

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To curl your wig with duckbill clips, you will need at least 6-10 clips and two mirrors. You can purchase duckbill clips from online retailers or from your local beauty supply store.

Using Hair Spray

If you want to use hairspray to help keep the curls in your wig, then apply it when the curls are still wet. Start by spraying the hairspray in a downwards motion so that it coats the entire curl.

Make sure to avoid saturating the hair with too much hairspray because it can cause the wig to become heavy and look greasy. You will only need to use a light mist of hairspray in order to keep the curls in place. Repeat this step until you have applied hairspray to all of your wig curls.

Using a Wig Cap

Some people like to use a wig cap when they are curling their wig. A wig cap is a stretchy fabric cap that goes over your head and helps to keep your hair in place while you curl it. You can purchase a wig cap at most beauty supply stores or online.

To use a wig cap, simply put it over your head and stretch it so that it covers all of your hair. Make sure that the wig cap is tight enough so that none of your hair falls out while you are curling it. Once the wig cap is in place, you can start curling your wig as desired. When you are finished curling your wig, remove the wig cap and style your hair as desired.

Using Hot Water

Another way to curl your wig is by using hot water. This method is best for wigs that are made from natural hair fibers such as human hair, yak hair, and mohair.

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To use this method, you will need a pot or a kettle of hot water, a bowl, and some sort of protection for your hands. The pot or kettle should be boiled and then poured into the bowl. Make sure that the bowl is big enough to fit your wig comfortably.

Once you have filled the bowl with hot water, place your wig in it and let it soak for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the wig and gently squeeze out the excess water.

Now begin rolling up each strand of hair by itself, securing each curl with a clip. Do not allow the curls to dry completely because this could cause damage. You can let them air dry or set them out in front of a fan until they are half-dry.

Now you can curl your wig perfectly for your next cosplay convention.

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