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How To Make Elf Ears For Cosplay: A Special Addition To Your Costume 17

When you first mention to someone that you are cosplaying as an elf, the first question that will be asked is, “Do you have pointy ears?”. Nearly every film and game to feature elves show them drawn with classic elfin ears. It’s an iconic part of their appearance and one which many fans want replicated when they dress up.

However, you cannot simply go into a store and buy some ears that suit the character. Elves are tall and slim with an otherworldly look to them, so their ears should be prominent and somewhat stretched out from the side of the head.


Of course, these days, it’s not necessary to tell people you are cosplaying as an elf and simply say you’re dressing up as a fantasy character. The truth is elves are very popular at the moment, and they make great cosplay ideas because of all their beautiful costumes.

How to Make Elf Ears for Cosplay

Making elf ears for cosplay is a very easy process and can be done with materials that you may already have at home. In this tutorial, we’ll be using a piece of faux fur, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a headband.


  • Cut the fur into a triangular shape that is about 3-4 inches wide at the base and tapers to a point.
  • Use the hot glue gun to glue the fur to the headband, making sure that the base of the ear is secure.
  • Trim any excess fur from around the base of the ear.
  • Repeat the steps for the other ear.
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Looks pretty good so far, doesn’t it? But wait – there’s more!

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For this next part, you will need some pink clay, acrylic paint (brown), disposable gloves, a makeup sponge, an old toothbrush, paper towels, and a jar to mix the paint in.

  • Roll about 1/4 of the clay into a ball and then push it down onto the end of the toothbrush to form an edge.
  • Use your finger and roll the clay out over the brush until you get a good-sized strip.
  • Repeat the previous steps for as many strips as you want, and then press all of them together to make a sheet.
  • Use your finger to flatten down the edges and smooth them out until it has a good shape.
  • Now begin painting. Make sure that you put on gloves before doing so, or else you will have pink fingers.
  • After it dries, take your scissors and trim off any excess clay.
  • Once the clay is trimmed, mix some brown acrylic paint with water in a small jar until it is the consistency of milk.
  • Dip your makeup sponge in the paint mixture, and then use it to give the ears a furry texture by dabbing on some paint and wiping it off with a paper towel.
  • Let dry for at least an hour or two, and you’re done. Now, go have fun being an elf!

Things to Keep in Mind When Making Elf Ears for Cosplay

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How To Make Elf Ears For Cosplay: A Special Addition To Your Costume 18

Many cosplayers rely on a pair of elf ears for a popular look. The right elf ears can be made from a variety of materials, but here are some things to keep in mind before getting started.

Elf ears are one of the most popular accessories for cosplay. Why? Pretty sure you can think of a few reasons. They’re easy to make, they don’t cost much, and they allow your character to communicate easily even when they aren’t speaking.

Unfortunately, they’re also very difficult to come by in stores, especially if you’re looking for a specific color. Generally, you’re looking at one of two options: make them yourself or find some on the secondary market.

Elf ears are made from many different materials – animal fur, cloth, plastic, silicon, etc.. Any number of things can be used to make these furry little accents. However, not all materials are suited for every cosplayer.

If you’re just starting out in cosplay, you might want to consider making your elf ears from the softest materials possible. There are lots of tutorials available online, and you can give yourself plenty of options by trying several different kinds.

The only downside is that it will take some time; there’s a reason they’re called “arts and crafts.”

If you don’t have time to make your own elf ears, though, don’t worry! There are lots of options on the secondary market as well. You can find premade sets from many different companies; check out eBay, DeviantArt, Etsy, etc.. They have everything from simple foam-tipped ears to elaborate sets made from silicon.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Elf Ears Secure and Attached

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How To Make Elf Ears For Cosplay: A Special Addition To Your Costume 19

When wearing elf ears, it is important to keep them secure and attached. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Make sure the ears fit comfortably before securing them with adhesive.
  • If you are having trouble keeping the ears on, try using spirit gum or double-sided tape.
  • Apply foundation or concealer to the edge of your ear to help create a seamless look.
  • Be sure to avoid contact with water, as this can cause the adhesive to lose its hold.
  • Ensure makeup is not smudged on the inside of your ears by taking them off gently.
  • Make sure to clean and dry the ear before putting it back on after cleaning or removing makeup.
  • Do not try to pull on or move around while wearing your elf ears since this can cause them to fall apart.
  • If you need to remove the elf ears, slowly peel the edges off, then take them off. When removing elf ears, gently peel away from the skin and not pull on it like a band-aid. This will cause fall apart and make them unusable.

In Conclusion

Elf ears are an easy way to add something special to your costume, so have fun with them! If you’re not sure about whether or not they’ll suit your character, check out some of your favorite elves and see how their ears look. You can also look at some still images of the elves you’re considering on the World of Warcraft website.

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