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What Is A Catboy Anime: The Rise Of Catboys In Japanese Culture 5

Catboys are a type of anime character that is half-human and half-cat. They are usually portrayed as mischievous, curious, and playful characters that can be found in a number of different anime series.

So, what exactly is a catboy, and where did they come from? Let’s explore this interesting topic further.

What is a Catboy?

A Catboy is the name of a sub-genre of anime, manga and video games that features male characters who take on cat-like traits, such as cat ears, cat tails, furred body parts and sometimes claws.

Catboys are often either used as anthropomorphic stand-ins for actual cats, or they possess human intelligence and abilities beyond their feline counterparts. The term “Catboy” has also been associated with boys who take on animal traits in general, not just those that resemble cats.

They also typically have rounded eyes and body markings just like those of cats. However, some fan interpretations say that female catboys are possible, while others think that they’re merely a type of hermaphrodite.

Catboy anime characters commonly wear clothing similar to school uniforms or casual clothes, but some don’t wear any shoes or shirts at all. They can be seen in the company of other animals like dogs, but they’re mainly depicted as playing with human children or befriending them.

Some of them live in families with a single parent and their sibling, while others live by themselves.

Are They Male or Female?

male or female catboy
What Is A Catboy Anime: The Rise Of Catboys In Japanese Culture 6

Catboy anime characters can be male or female, and their gender identity varies amongst the fan community. However, it’s still pretty common to see them as female characters.

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Their personalities also vary and can be too complex for a short article like this, but most of them are depicted as being child-like and dependent on their friends or family members. They’re often seen in the company of humans and other anime characters.

The voice tone of both male and female catboys can be either high-pitched or low-pitched. They can also be depicted in their younger years or mature form.

Origins of the Catboy in Anime

It’s believed that the first catboy was seen on a manga cover on November 7th, 1991. The character was named Toshio Saeki and appeared as a young boy with long hair, cat ears, and a cat-like tail. This original character appeared in a manga called Junjo Neko Overrun! and was illustrated by Princess Sugar.

Many believe that it’s based on an incarnation of Tom Sawyer from the Japanese folklore named Kitsune no Yomeiri, where a fox disguises itself as a beautiful young girl to trick men.

However, stories of male children with cat ears and tails aren’t unheard of in legend. One of the most popular is the tale of Koutarou Azumamiya, who was born to a woman but transformed into a catboy after his mother sold him to an onmyoji (Japanese wizard) named Mr. Kurosu.

How to Draw a Catboy Anime Character

drawing catboy
What Is A Catboy Anime: The Rise Of Catboys In Japanese Culture 7

Catboys are fairly easy to draw. You can use the images above for reference or create your own.

  • Draw a circle to represent the head and draw a V-shape inside it, which will be their hairline. Add two more lines on either side of this for the ears.
  • Add in two semicircles above these for the eyes. Then, add in some pointy triangles below for their whiskers.
  • Draw two circles that intersect each other to create an oval shape in the middle of their face. Their noses are often hidden within this shape, so be careful.
  • Next, shade in their hands and feet, which are usually pointy at the ends.
  • Shade in the rest of their body, which is usually muscular and typically lacks a shirt. Their pants are often baggy or ripped up at the ends too.
  • Add in their cat ears and tails last! For a female Catboy, add some hair clips or bows to their ears.
  • Don’t forget to add in detail work like spots, stripes, and other markings to their fur.
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Drawing a Catboy is just as easy as drawing a regular anime character! Just remember that their face is usually heart-shaped or triangular in shape with pointy features.

Their ears are also typically tall and straight up, with the tip pointing backward, while their tails have a curve at the end.

Male catboys are more muscular than their female counterparts, who usually have little to no muscle tone due to their smaller stature.

Why is Being a Catboy Considered Cool in Japanese Culture?

Being a catboy is considered to be quite cool in Japanese culture. This may be because of the association of cats with good luck and fortune in Japan.

Additionally, in Japan, catboys are popular because they are seen as cute and cool. They often have the attributes of both cats and boys, which makes them very appealing to Japanese audiences.

For example, Catboys are often seen as being graceful and agile, which are qualities that are admired in Japanese culture. They’re also considered to be very stylish and cool, which is another reason why they’re so popular.

These days, you’ll often see catboys featured in kiddy games, too. For example, in “Pokémon,” Catboy characters are an essential part of the game. Not only are they very powerful when they battle, but there is also a whole range of Catboy creatures to collect in the game.

Catboys are also popular in Japanese comics. One of the most famous manga publications is called “Vampire Knight.” It depicts a world where catboy vampires co-exist with humans.

The main character, Yuki, is a catboy vampire who attends a school for privileged families. In the manga, she often has to fight off other types of monsters as well as evil catboy vampires who want to destroy humanity.

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By now, you should have an idea why catboys are so popular in Japan. If you’re a fan of them, then you should definitely check out an anime or manga featuring Catboy characters today.

In Conclusion

Catboy anime characters are attractive and cute in appearance, but they’re often misunderstood by humans in their respective worlds. You can either feel bad for them or admire them, depending on the context of their stories.

Anyway, we hope that you learned something from this article and found a new favorite Catboy anime character.

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