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Where To Get Cosplay Contacts: The Right Contacts For Your Look 5

Choosing the right cosplay contacts for your needs can be very difficult. There are many types of lenses, several brands, colors, effects, etc., all available online with numerous companies selling them. Some have special features that aren’t immediately apparent, which you need to know about before you buy them.

For example, do you want lenses only designed to enlarge your eyes? Or will you also be wearing false eyelashes to make it look like your character’s eyes are much bigger than they actually are?

What about pupil size; do you want extremely large pupils that cover up most of your iris or maybe smaller ones that still show a lot of your natural eye color? How about special effects like glitters or custom-made designs that make your eyes look like those of an anime character, animal, etc.?

Pretty much any effect you can think of is possible to have with cosplay lenses. All these factors depend on the type and style of the costume you’re going for, so figuring out what kind of lenses you need is the first step in choosing the right pair.

Where to Get Cosplay Contacts

If you’re in the market for cosplay contacts, there are a few different places you can go. Here are a few of the most popular options:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Local costumes stores
  • Specialty online stores
  • Cosplay contacts websites

Each of these options has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

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eBay is a great option because there are a lot of sellers competing for your business, so you can usually find a good deal. However, it’s important to be careful when buying from eBay, as there are a lot of illegitimate sellers out there.


On the other hand, Amazon is a great option if you’re looking for quick and easy service. It’s an easy one-step process to have your contacts shipped directly to your home, so it doesn’t get much easier than that. You can also usually find a deal on Amazon with a good coupon code, but there may not be as many options as eBay has for sellers.

Local Costumes Stores

Local costumes stores are a good option because you can actually try the contacts on before making a purchase, which is really important if you’re buying prescription lenses.

In addition to this, local stores also usually have a greater variety of cosplay lenses for sale as well as accessories such as cases and cleaning solutions. However, these options come at a greater cost because you’re paying for the convenience of being able to try them on, as well as increased overhead costs.

Specialty Online Stores

Specialty online stores are another good option because they generally have a large selection of cosplay lenses. However, it can be difficult to tell what you are getting without physically holding the product in your hands. These stores also tend to have a greater amount of overhead costs as well as shipping expenses.

Cosplay Lenses Websites

Finally, cosplay lenses websites are a great option because they offer large selections and low prices. However, many cosplay contact lens websites don’t have the best reputation for customer service or product quality control.

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This is largely due to the fact that these businesses are generally run off of a single person’s e-commerce site. If this individual is unable to take care of the business, or if they become overwhelmed with orders, there may be a significant delay in getting your lenses shipped to you.

Type and style of your costume

The type and style of your costume will determine which type of cosplay contacts are best for you, especially if you’re doing a full cosplay that involves makeup or other special effects.

For example, white lenses are usually best for dark-haired characters, and red lenses work well with blondes, allowing their natural eye color to show through. But there’s a huge variety of colors and effects you can choose from if you want lenses that cover your whole iris or pupil.

Pupil size and color

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Where To Get Cosplay Contacts: The Right Contacts For Your Look 6

It is important to keep in mind the pupil size you want when purchasing these lenses. Make sure that your desired size of the pupil is stated on the website or box. The cosplay contacts should also have the same diameter as your regular pupils so that your normal eye color isn’t covered up.

Color is another factor to take into account when choosing cosplay contacts. If you want certain colors, make sure to check the brand before buying them. Some lenses are manufactured with special pigmentation for more vibrant colors that won’t fade or wash out as much as regular-colored contacts do. Unfortunately, this means that colors from one brand may not be the same when bought from another company.

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Special features

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Where To Get Cosplay Contacts: The Right Contacts For Your Look 7

Even with just a basic understanding of cosplay lenses, you can find contact lenses that can add a whole new dimension to your character’s appearance. Here are some special effects you might want to check out:

Brown limbal ring: adds a very subtle dark ring around the edge of your iris, which can enhance or change the color of your eyes.

Glitter: adds sparkling glitter to your lenses, perfect for characters who have shiny eyes like nekomimi and kitty girls.

Black limbal ring: similar to the brown limbal ring, but this is a solid black line that gives a more dramatic look, best for characters with dark hair.

Super white: makes your eyes look pearly white without obstructing your pupil or iris at all. This is a good choice for characters with pink, blue, green, etc., eyes since the color of this contact doesn’t interfere at all with the character’s original eye color.

Black sclera: completely covers up your iris and changes the overall appearance of your eyes, perfect for monsters or characters with unusual eye colors.

As you can see, there are many different places where you can buy cosplay contacts. However, it’s important to know which websites are reputable and offer the best service. I would recommend researching each of these options before making a purchase, so you can get the contact lenses that will help bring your vision to life!

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