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LARPing is becoming more and more popular, and with that, the need for better armor. Leather armor is a great option for cosplayers and LARPers alike, as it is both durable and stylish. Read on to learn more about the benefits of leather armor and how to choose the right piece for your next cosplay or LARP event.

How to Make LARP Leather Armor Cosplay

It is important to start with the armor, which is the most visible aspect of your costume. It is also arguably the most complex part of this costume to complete.

You will need a few supplies, including leather or faux leather, scissors, thread, needle, and some scrap pieces of fabric in order to create the straps that hold the armor in place.

With these supplies in hand, you can begin by cutting out your basic shape for the armor using scraps of fabric as guidelines for where you want to cut on your larger pieces.

For example, if you are making a breastplate, cut out two pieces-one long rectangles and one short rectangle-and use these rectangles as guidelines for how long to cut your larger pieces.

Once you have your shapes, start sewing them together using the needle and thread, following along the lines you previously drew with the fabric for guidance. Make sure that once these seams are sewn together, they are strong because this is what will keep your armor intact when it comes time to wear it.

The last step of the armor is to attach the straps. Attaching these straps really depends on your design, but you can do it by sewing one side of each strap onto its corresponding side of the armor before moving onto attaching both sides together, for example, for a breastplate.

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Once all of this has been completed, you are ready to start working on the accessories, which are arguably easier to complete. For this, you will need a belt, boots or shoes of some sort, and possibly shoulder pads if you plan on adding them to your costume. A sword would also be a nice accessory to have for this type of costume, but it is not necessary.


For the belt, start by measuring around your waist using string or ribbon. Once you have the length of this piece, cut it to size using your scissors. Again, for additional support, it is recommended that you use a thread and a needle to sew this piece together along all of the edges.

Be sure to fold each side so that an equal amount of fabric is shown on either side. The belt should go around the waist, and the two pieces attached to either side should go over one another. Once sewn together, attach a buckle or other accessory in front of where you would like it located on the belt itself.


For shoes, find a pair that works for your design. If you are wearing different footwear for each leg, make sure to get the same type of shoe for both of them so that they match.

If you plan on using a sword with this costume, attach a holster to the side of one of these boots or shoes by sewing it directly onto the leather.


For a sword, there are two options to consider: a plastic toy sword or a real sword. If you decide on a real sword, it is recommended that you attend a workshop where you are taught how to properly use one.

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If you decide on a toy sword, whether plastic or otherwise, remember that it can be dangerous if not handled correctly, so always use caution when wielding one.

About LARPing Leather Armor Cosplay

LARP Leather Armor Cosplay Costume
A Comprehensive Guide To Make LARP Leather Armor Cosplay 6

While many cosplayers are still not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on fashionable LARP armor, some have begun to realize that leather offers some unique advantages. Read on to learn more about these unique advantages.

Advantages of Leather Armor Cosplay

When it comes to choosing armor for a cosplay or LARP event, leather is often the best option. Here are some of the advantages of wearing leather armor:

Durability: Leather is one of the most durable materials when it comes to armor. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it perfect for participants who like to engage in a lot of physical activity.

Style: Leather armor is often very stylish, making it a great choice for cosplayers who want to look their best. There are many different designs and colors available, so you can find the perfect piece to match your costume.

Versatility: Leather armor can be worn for a wide variety of events, including cosplay, LARPing, renaissance festivals, and even historical re-enactments. There are many different pieces available on the market that can be worn together or alone to create a new look.

Cost-Effective: While it is possible to spend hundreds of dollars on leather armor, there are also plenty of affordable options on the market.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Piece of Armor

LARP Leather Armor
A Comprehensive Guide To Make LARP Leather Armor Cosplay 7

Leather is durable, stylish, and versatile, but there are options on the market that vary from very affordable to extremely expensive. Read on for some helpful tips you can use when selecting your next piece of armor.

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Decide on a color: Many pieces of leather armor come in different colors and finishes, such as black, brown, white, or tan. It is important to choose a color that matches your costume or event.

Know the design: There are many different types of designs available in leather armor – from feminine hourglass shapes to more masculine bucket styles. It is important to choose a piece that complements your body type and style of the costume.

Consider what you’ll be doing: If you plan on engaging in physical activity, it may be important for you to consider the mobility of your armor. Leather armor can often be restrictive, so some pieces may not be the right choice for you.

Pick a price range: Leather armor comes in various price ranges, so it is important to choose one that fits your budget. It is also possible to buy pieces in bulk if you plan on using them at multiple events over the course of several years.

Add accessories: Consider adding accessories to your armor, such as leather greaves or other pieces that match your outfit. This will help you personalize your style and look great while remaining functional for your next cosplay or LARP event.


That’s all there is to perfecting your LARP Leather Armor Cosplay look. Follow this guide and make one for your next cosplay.

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