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Deku from the popular My Hero Academia is actually called Izuku Midoriya and is the main character of the manga and anime. His deepest wish is to become a really great hero.

Izuku, however, belongs to the 20% of mankind that were born without any quirks (quirks in English) and therefore cannot develop superpowers. Fortunately, after a fateful meeting with the famous hero All Might, he got his quirk One For All and became the ninth user of this special quirk

One for All Mack

If you own the One For All Macke, you can use the powers of all the Mackes of your previous owners as the current owner. So it seems that there is an increase in strength. No wonder that Deku as ninth owner is quite strong.

One For All got its name from the fact that the quirks are passed from one person to the next practically like a torch. This is done by the new owner taking a piece of DNA from the previous owner. In the case of Deku, this was done by handing over a strand of hair from All Mights.

In any case, One For All can only be passed on voluntarily. Therefore, it cannot be stolen or taken away by force. For example, when the killer Stain Dekus took in blood, he did not get the One for All Macke.

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Since One For All cannot be removed against one’s will, it is the only bug that can be successfully used in the fight against All For One.

One For All changes the appearance of the user in several ways. First, the muscles become bigger and stronger. The total body mass increases and the person almost looks like a giant. With Deku, the veins become more prominent

Appearance of Deku

Appearance of Deku
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Izuku aka Deku is a nice boy with messy, somewhat shaggy green hair. He also has green eyes. There are exactly four freckles on each cheek.

After he got the One for All from All Might, he is also muscular.

During class, he naturally wears the characteristic school uniform, while outside school he prefers casual everyday clothes.

His hero costume consists of a turquoise overall with white patterns and gloves, as well as black knees and elbow pads and a red belt. The whole thing is rounded off with red shoes, which are equipped with a metal sole. These should support the new fighting style, the Shoot Style.

Personality of Deku

Personality of Deku
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Since Deku was born without any problems, he often lacks self-confidence and is a rather shy boy. On the other hand he is very helpful and polite and has a strong sense of justice.

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As long as he had no quirks, he was often teased by others and was therefore insecure and reserved.

After Izuku was accepted at the U.A. High School, he found new friends relatively quickly, became increasingly confident and courageous, and even developed into a real leader.

Izuku is a rather hard-working and strong-willed student, who over time has developed strong analytical thinking and is therefore able to work out rather complex fighting strategies in seconds. He records his analyses in notebooks.

Many of Izuku’s decisions and behaviors are the result of his great desire to become a real superhero like All Might himself. This explains his great dedication and desire to live up to the idol.

However, Deku also seems to have a more impetuous and aggressive side, which comes out especially when he fights.

Decus capabilities at a glance

Decus capabilities
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For a better overview and to give you a solid foundation for your skilful Deku My Hero Academia Cosplay, here is an overview of the abilities of Deku:

  • High intellect
    Izuku aka Deku is very intelligent and analytical. You could even say that his high intelligence and creativity often helped him more than the One for All Macke. He has excellent powers of observation and a strategic thinker. He has special skills in using the quirks of others for his own purposes.
  • Great physical strength
    Due to the intensive training with All Might and the transfer of the mack, Deku has a muscular and strong body.
  • Fast reflexes and high speed
    In addition to its extraordinary strength, it has lightning-fast reflexes and can also run very fast.
  • High pain tolerance
    Especially advantageous is also the very high pain tolerance. So Deku can continue to fight even with broken limbs.

Deku My Hero academia Cosplay costume

Deku My Hero academia Cosplay costume
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In principle there are two options for the Deku Cosplay. Either you choose the training outfit, which consists of a blue and white suit, or you prefer the more spectacular superhero outfit. This consists of a turquoise bodysuit with white details, red belt, pockets and boots, and black cuffs for legs, knees and part of the thighs.

In both cases you will of course need the characteristic wig with the stringy and somewhat shaggy green hair.

If you don’t want to make the costume yourself, you can find both options in the well-sorted Cosplay Online Shop, as well as all necessary accessories and make-up.