Gerudo Link Cosplaying
Essential Tips For Creating A Perfect Gerudo Link Cosplay 5

Gerudo Link cosplay is based on a character from the popular video game, The Legend of Zelda. Fans love this unique and intricate cosplay and have even created fan art and videos in homage to it.

If you’re looking for a new cosplay to try out or just want to see some amazing fan art, be sure to check out this guide on how to make Gerudo Link cosplay.

Here’s how to create a Gerudo Link cosplay that will have you looking like you just stepped out of the latest Zelda game. You’ll need a few key pieces of clothing and accessories to get the look, as well as some makeup tips to help complete the transformation.

We’ll also show you how to style your hair in order to resemble Link’s iconic hairstyle. Let’s get started!


The first thing you’ll need is a green tunic to resemble the one that Link wears. You can find this online or at any local fabric store. If you’re going for a more realistic look, you can also try dying your clothes with tea to get an exact match. If you want to, there are a variety of green fabric paints available at craft stores that can also work.

Make sure the tunic is long enough so that it falls just below your waist and isn’t too baggy. Avoid wearing excessively loose clothing since it will not help complete the look.


Next, you’ll need to find a pair of boots that resemble the ones worn by Link. You can also buy these online or at any local shoe store. Make sure they’re brown and that they come up to just below your knee.

Also, don’t wear excessively loose shoes since they’re no good for achieving this look and will only take away from it.

Then, all that’s left is to get a quiver belt (the one worn by Link in the game). However, if you’re struggling to find this accessory, there are plenty of other things you can use for it.

For example, any belt with several quivers on it will work, or even a high-quality canvas belt.

Gerudo Link Makeup
Essential Tips For Creating A Perfect Gerudo Link Cosplay 6

After you’ve found the perfect outfit, it’s time to replicate Link’s look using cosmetic products and styling your hair. You can buy all of these items at various local beauty stores or online.

For the hair, do a simple middle part and tie it back with an elastic band to make your hair look like Link’s. Then use gel or hairspray to keep the hair in place. Make sure it doesn’t get too stiff, so it retains its natural shape.

Use bronzer on your face for a sun-kissed complexion and darken your eyebrows and eyelashes. Finally, apply a red lip stain.

Once you’ve got the hair right, the last thing to do is add some final touches, such as gold earrings and a triforce necklace.

Keep in mind that while there are some triforce replicas you can buy online, the best way to get one is by printing it on a piece of paper and using gold leaf or paper stickers. You can also use foam board and paint it gold instead.

Now all that’s left is to complete your transformation into Link with a catchphrase such as “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.” Practice saying this a few times in the mirror, and you’re ready for your next convention.

Be sure to stay hydrated and eat some fruits or vegetables throughout the day as well since maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important when cosplaying.

Gerudo Link Costume
Essential Tips For Creating A Perfect Gerudo Link Cosplay 7

Cosplaying as Gerudo Link can be a great way to show your love for the game and how to wear your costume in public without feeling out of place. You’ll want to dress like the other inhabitants of the Gerudo Village.

It means wearing predominantly green and brown clothing, with accents of gold. You might also want to consider wearing a headscarf or veil to complete the look.

Link is best known for his green hat and the tunic-the hat fits snuggly at the top of your head, while the tunic should be worn on your shoulders or around your neck.

Add long white pants, brown boots, a belt with gold accessories, archery gloves, and a quiver to complete this iconic look. Don’t forget your Sheikah Slate and Master Sword.

Link’s original look is a bit on the long side, but a shorter version of Link’s tunic and pants can still be effective. A brown short-sleeved shirt or cropped green shirt with white pants or black shorts make for a decent replacement.

Add archery gloves and your bow, as well as brown boots. Don’t forget to carry your sword around with you. No one will suspect you’re not the real deal with this look.

Link’s newest look is a breath of fresh air when compared to his traditional green tunic and cap ensemble. This version of Link’s outfit is perfectly color-coordinated and is perfect for hotter climates.

It looks particularly good in darker colors, such as browns and golds. To look like this version of Link, wear long brown pants with brown boots. Add a loose white belt over it all, then add a short-sleeved green shirt that’s tucked into the belt. Tuck your sword underneath the belt in order to complete the look.

In Conclusion

Cosplay is a great way to show your love for the game, but it’s also good for people who want to avoid spoilers. No matter what you like about Zelda or Breath of the Wild, there are cosplays that can fit any interest. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration, so go ahead and start making your Gerudo Link cosplay today.

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