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Gorou Cosplay: Complete Guide On How To Cosplay as Gorou 4

Gorou is a playable Bow Geo character in the Genshin Impact video game. He is best used as a support for other players, and he is a reliable leader of the Watatsumi Army.

What is Gorou’s origin story?

Gorou was once just a regular Watatsumi soldier, but after the particular operation of the Georgia II, he became the general of the Watatsumi army. He is brave and loyal to his island, making him a tenacious force not to be reckoned with. Gorou is the reliable leader of the Watatsumi army, whose aim is to protect his people even if his troop is considered a ragtag team. 

He is never giving up attitude helps him get his troop to victory even in the most unlikely situations. Although fierce on the battlefield, he is very friendly and humble even with his subordinates in the army.

What is Gorou’s Personality like?

Gorou is a strong supporter of Sangonomiya Kokomi in Watatsumi Island. Gorou profoundly cares for all the inhabitants of Watatsumi Island and strives to protect them from all kinds of critical situations. This is why Kokomi also trusts Gorou to take care of the island and its people. His strict sense of camaraderie and love for his people keeps him both highly respected by his troop as well as someone whom they can turn to in times of need.

Gorou Cosplay Costume
Gorou Cosplay: Complete Guide On How To Cosplay as Gorou 5

Sometimes, Kokomi describes Gorou as impulsive, especially when he is on the battlefield. He can habit of letting all the combat adrenaline go to his head, so he needs to be kept in check by another comrade. Gorou also considers himself inadequate when handling all kinds of affairs o the people. Because of his young age, he thinks he isn’t experienced enough to advise people, especially about subjects like romance. Kokomi and Gorou work together well as a team- when Kokomi is in charge of procuring food for the soldiers, Gorou handles other affairs of the troops.

The unique trait of Gorou is dog blood runs in his veins. That’s why he can understand them quickly, even with just a bark. He also twitches his ears like a dog would when expressing different emotions. The easiest telltale sign of dog traits in Gorou is his wagging tail when he is happy. This is a trait that Gorou finds embarrassing but one he cannot control.

Another insecurity that Gorou has is his physical build. He wishes that he was taller and more muscular so that his troops could easily spot him when they were on the battlefield.

What are Gorou’s Strengths and weaknesses?


  • Gorou is perfect for boosting defense and using his Geo damage as a Geo support player. He is also good at increasing interruption resistance ingame. 
  • One of his abilities is the Elemental Burst which Buffs the whole group’s defense.
  • If your Gorou has C4, you can heal active characters using Elemental Burst. Additionally, with C6, you can increase Geo critical damage.
  • on the mini-map, Gorou can Display all Inazuma specialty 


  • Your team needs to have geo element characters as well to use Gorou to his fullest potential
  • Using elemental burst gives a lot of support to the team, but at the cost of very high energy levels.

How to cosplay as Gorou?

Gorou is seen as this very young character with a small stature and puppy-like features. From the pointy fluffy ears to his tail, he has dog blood running through his veins, so he displays many animal-like traits even when unaware of them. Gorou is quite noticeable on the battlefield with bright teal blue eyes and cannot be mistaken for anyone else. If you are planning on cosplaying as Gorou at the next closest, make sure to include all the details of his appearance, including the golden eternity symbol hairclip he wears on the side of his head.

Gorou’s outfit:

Get the full Gorou cosplay set from our cosplay hero website and become Gorou for a day! Gorou’s outfit is a colorful one. He wears a short-cropped jacket in a turquoise color and shinobi shōzoku trousers that start from his hips, so the outfit exposes the bottom half of his torso. His jacket covers one of his arms fully while the other is short-sleeved. Some cut pouts in the clothes show small parts of his upper torso at the front and back. You can easily wear this outfit with something underneath if you don’t want to show so much skin. 

Add some bandages to the whole look like he does, on his waist, arms and legs. The armor on top is worn like a collar and goes around the neck. At the front of the outfit, a small paw print badge secures the sash connected to the right side of the jacket. You can add a red ribbon at the top part of the badge, which is also a unique feature in Gorou’s outfit.

The gloves you get with this outfit set are not identical- one has cut-out fingertips while the other is a full glove. There is armor at the front of the hips and is secured with big ropes at the back. On the left shoulder is the space for the arm armor, which is also decorated with gold accents. Gorou probably uses the arm with the armor to pull his bowstrings; hence, the added protection.

His golden-brown hair resembles a Shiba Inu dog breed with even a tiny fluff of white at the front of his head, just like a Shiba Inu. You can get a wig from our store, which is identical to Gorou’s hair, and it comes with little ears just like Gorou’s, with white and pink accents on the inside of the ear.

Lastly, the shoes are jikatabi shoes in black with both the front and back cut out to show a little skin. You’ll find that the armor and the whole outfit are pretty light and minimal. This is supposed to help Gorou on the battlefield by not holding down his agility because of heavy armor.

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