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Star Guardian Ezreal Cosplay: How To Make It Your Own 5

Cosplay is a great way to express and share your creativity and passion with the world. Ezreal, the star guardian, is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, and we’re going to discuss what it takes to transform into this champion while giving you some tips on how you can do your own Star Guardian Ezreal cosplay.

There are many benefits to cosplay. First, you are able to show your love for the character by creating an illusion of them with fabric, trimmings, and accessories. By taking on their persona in this way, it allows you to escape into a fantasy world where anything is possible.

Cosplaying also helps people build social connections through shared interests and experiences. This can be a great way for you to meet friends as well as bond with your children as they watch their mother or father transform into a character.

The best part is that it’s also very easy to do! If you’re looking for a simple way to start cosplaying, we suggest trying out Ezreal from League of Legends. He’s a blue-skinned man with white hair, easy to identify in a crowd and doesn’t have a complicated costume.

What You’ll Need

To transform into the Star Guardian Ezreal, you will need:

  • A blue bodysuit that zips in the front
  • White spandex for the cuffs and neckline of the bodysuit
  • Silver spandex for the armbands, boot covers, gloves, belt, and knee pads
  • White elastic hair ties
  • Silver fabric paint for the armor pieces, boots, gloves, belt and knee pads
  • Fabric glue
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Steps to Make Ezreal Cosplay

Follow these steps to create your own Ezreal costume:

  • Put on the blue bodysuit and spandex for the cuffs and neckline. If you have long hair, it can be easily tucked into the bodysuit for this cosplay.
  • Put on the white gloves and boot covers over your blue spandex boots.
  • Secure the bracelets to each wrist with fabric glue or an elastic hair tie. You can then use silver spandex fabric paint to create the armor details on each bracelet.
  • Secure the knee pads with fabric glue or an elastic hair tie. Use silver spandex paint to create the armor details on the pads.
  • Put on the belt and attach it using fabric glue or another type of adhesive. Before attaching, you can also use silver fabric paint to create the details.
  • Using silver fabric paint, you can now add the shapes for the cuffs, neckline, belt buckle and knee pads. You will also need to use this same method to paint your shoe silver.

Ezreal’s Helmet

Guardian Ezreal Cosplay Helmet
Star Guardian Ezreal Cosplay: How To Make It Your Own 6

To make Ezreal’s helmet, you will first require constructing a papier mâché ovoid object. To make your own papier mâché, you will need to combine glue and water with tissue paper or newspaper strips.

Once it’s properly mixed, begin the process of covering the ovoid object with this mixture until it is completely covered. You can then reinforce any weak parts using more construction paper or cardboard. When finished, paint silver spandex or use silver fabric paint to create the helmet details.

How to Make Ezreal’s Blond Hair?

He is a popular champion in the game League of Legends, and many players want to be able to cosplay like him. There are several methods you can use to get his hair color, including using bleach, hair dye, or extensions.

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You can also try a temporary method such as using hair chalk. Ezreal’s blond hair color is important to cosplayers since it is a distinguishing feature of this character.


Bleaching your hair will result in an overall blonde appearance that may not be the exact same shade as Ezreal’s, but it can get close enough for many cosplay purposes. You should use a bleach specifically made for bleaching hair and not a household cleaning product like laundry bleach.

Make sure to wear protective gloves, goggles or glasses, and cover your skin. Bleach is dangerous if it gets on your skin. If you are bleaching your hair yourself, be sure to follow the instructions that come with the bleach very carefully. You should try using a test strand of hair before completely bleaching your entire head.

Bleaching is difficult and time-consuming. If you do not like the results of bleaching, there are temporary ways to dye your hair blond that doesn’t involve dyes or chemicals.

Hair Dye

Guardian Ezreal cosplay hair
Star Guardian Ezreal Cosplay: How To Make It Your Own 7

You can purchase some dyes without bleach that will dye your hair the right shade, although it will not be permanent.

You mix this with conditioner or another temporary coloring cream, you should get results close to those of bleach without as much risk and work. However, these dyes are still not as effective and will fade faster than bleaching.

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If you cannot bleach your hair blond, you can buy blonde synthetic or human hair extensions to add to your own dark hair. You can use these yourself with the right tools or have a stylist help you if necessary.

This technique may be best for those who want long-term blonde hair and do not mind compromising on having their own natural color for a time.

Hair Chalk

Temporary dyes such as those mentioned above are also available in the form of chalk. You can buy this at any store that sells drugstore items, such as Target or Walgreens.

This type of dye is very simple to use and does not require much time or effort. You simply rub the chalk onto your hair and then brush it out when you’re done.

This will give your hair a blond appearance that washes away with water. If you want to be able to change your hair’s color frequently, this is a good option for you.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you take care of your hair properly afterward to keep it looking healthy and shiny.

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