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Zach Angels of Death Cosplay: Everything You Need To Know 18

Isaac Foster is also known by his alias Foster from “Angels of Death.” It started as a horror video game and was made into manga and anime. Issac Foster or Zack is the story’s protagonist in all versions of Angels of Death. He is a 20-year-old infamous for being a psychologically disturbed serial killer.

His signature look is his bandaged body which covers even his face. Zack carries a scythe that looks like the original Grim Reaper’s accessory. Some believe that Zack suffered from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which is justified in the scenes where he destroyed Rachel’s gravestone and the scenes in which he gets apprehensive and giddy when he does not carry out the task of killing someone.


What is the origin story of Zack from Angels of Death?

It all started when Zack was born into an abusive family. His only means of human contact was pain from his abuse as a child. His biological parents abandoned him as a child, and he was brought up by his stepfather, who tried to bring him and his mother to death.

The incident caused Zack to cover up his body in bandages to cover his scars. He also developed an intense phobia of fire after the incident. His mother left him in an orphanage that was also infamous for trafficking children, where he faced even more abuse from the authorities. When he was in this orphanage, he watched a horror movie which inspired him to become a murderer.

His first victims were the people in charge of the orphanage. Soon after, Abraham Gray, a Floor guardian of Floor B2, finds Zack and puts him through his experiments in the building. Being devoid of any love and affection from his family, Zack grew up to be a bloodthirsty youth who loved watching his victims in pain and agony. He loves taking their happiness away and filling it up instead with a lot of sadness and despair.

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As a character, Zack is obviously psychologically disturbed. Zack grew up only knowing how to kill due to being treated abusively as a child.

What is Zack’s personality from Angels of Death like?

Zack is the protagonist of the game and has an impulsive attitude. Because of his poor upbringing, he is very prone to violence. He has an intense urge to kill and cause pain to other people, so much so that he gets uncomfortable in his skin when he tries to stop his murderous attempts.

Because of his injury, he found the need to bandage his whole face, which furthered his self-talk that he was indeed a monster that no one loved so that he would kill for pleasure. He never found dishonesty and his killing sprees immoral, but he did have an intense hatred towards liars.

Zack often quotes himself as unintelligent when he is just illiterate. In fact, his survival intelligence is far greater than other humans. His unpleasant upbringing has caused him to become a chaotic person, using a lot of foul languages and destructive but at the same time having excellent instincts and brute strength.

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He was always a quiet child because of the abuse he endured. He also became a lot more reserved and kept to himself most of the time. Because of this, he does not understand when people treat him with kindness or show the slightest bit of humanity towards him.

How to cosplay as Zack from Angels of Death?

Zach Cosplay Costume
Zach Angels of Death Cosplay: Everything You Need To Know 19

Zack is estimated to be in his twenties and 6foot 1 inch tall. This conclusion on his biodata is brought to light by Rachel Gardner, who is in the same building as Zack.

He is a slender man with jet black hair and different colored eyes.

This is because of a condition called anisocoria, which happens when the pupils are dilated unequally. It is implied that the cause of this condition is the abuse that he suffered when at the orphanage. This cosplay look can be easily achieved with colored contact lenses, which you can purchase from our store.

The outfit:

Zack is seen wearing a brown hoodie with bloodstains on them with red-colored pants. He’s also wearing boots that come up to his ankle. He covers his entire body in bandages intended to hide his burn scars from the fire. He carries around a scythe, which he uses to kill people and everything on his way.

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You can get the whole Issac Foster Zack outfit from our site. It includes the hoodie and the pants, but you will have to separately buy the boots to go with the character’s look. At the beginning of his murder spree, he was using a knife, but after finding the Scythe, his character is best known always to be pictured with the Scythe.

When Zack was just a child, his hair was much messier, and he had short pants on with a t-shirt. You can also go for this look, but the more prominent look will be Zack in his 20s, especially if you get the Issac Foster Zack Cosplay wig. You’ll even get a free hairnet with this wig from our site.

You can get Zack’s ally, Rachel Gardener’s look if you want to cosplay as another character from Angels of Death. It features an entire 4 piece set with the shorts and the t-shirt along with the overshot. You also get her accessories, including the bag and the choker she wears in the game. You can also buy a wig in Rachel Gardner’s style, and it combines a golden blonde color and extends down the back.

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