Cosplayers put an incredible amount of effort into their appearance, studying the role and making a big entrance at the cosplay event. So it is obvious and understandable that every cosplayer would like to have photos of the result of their efforts. This applies equally to the proud beginner at his first event as well as to old cosplayers who have participated in wave competitions and made a name for themselves in the scene.

Cosplay photographers
Cosplay photographers in Germany 10

After all, creating the costume probably took weeks, several days, maybe even weeks. The make-up and the hairstyle are also the result of considerable effort and often a lot of creativity. Who doesn’t dream of a perfectly balanced professional photo in a suitable location?


Why not just take the photos yourself?

Some people might think, well, you can also quickly make a selfie. The Selfies are funny snapshots at the Comic Con. A nice snapshot with friends, but also strangers you will certainly meet at the event, for example a “double” in a similar costume etc. are also a nice thing. In short, they capture the atmosphere at the event and nice hours. They are not suitable as a real photo to capture the lovingly created costume and the make-up and styling you spent hours with.

The problem already starts with the fact that you are never quite visible on a selfie. Moreover, you always have to twist your back a little bit to get the picture right.
Cosplay involves the real embodiment of the character and role-playing. Thor, Gandalf, Darth Vader, Son Goku, Sailor Moon, Ciel Phantomhive and Co. never posed for a selfie, did they? The experienced cosplayer would rather have a suitable pose for the hero and have a photo of it.

take the photos
Cosplay photographers in Germany 11

So we can all agree that Selfie is unsuitable. Now you could say, ok, but if someone else takes the photo with the mobile phone, you are at least completely on the photo and have your hands free to take a pose without being disturbed. Maybe, but no matter how good a mobile phone camera is, such a photo is rarely correctly illuminated and cannot be compared to a professional photo. In addition, the background is often not perfect, while photographers have a lot of possibilities to make it fit, even if it is only digital as a special effect.

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A well made professional photo is therefore the best solution. At the events themselves there are numerous photographers who offer photos. Goose especially passionate cosplay fans often arrange special photo shootings with photographers to get really perfect pictures. Here you can choose a real location to suit your character, whether it’s a castle ruin, a barren rocky landscape, near water, a blooming garden or a dark fairytale forest, the options are numerous and you can let your imagination run wild together with the photographer. Photographers specializing in cosplay share your passion and really work hard to create the perfect photo.
The fun doesn’t have to be expensive, because many photographers offer the TFP mode. TFP stands for time for prints (also time for pictures), which means that the model gets the pictures as payment instead of a fee.

If you are interested in getting professional photos of you in a cosplay outfit, you can find a professional in your area in our extensive list of cosplay photographers and contact them. However, we would like to point out that we cannot give any guarantee for the information provided.

specializing in cosplay
Cosplay photographers in Germany 12
Federal stateCityNamePriceSocial media
Baden WürttembergFreiburgB Photography
Baden WürttembergHechingenBMK Photography & ArtTfp/30€/60€
Baden WürttembergHeilbronnCalssaraon request
Baden WürttembergKarlsruheCosplay photographerTfP
Baden WürttembergLörrachCyKid Photography55€/h(if over the list)
Baden WürttembergMannheimD1MO PhotographyTfP
Baden WürttembergMannheimHF type
Baden WürttembergMannheimRuby PhotographyTfP
Baden Württembergnear StuttgartKazenaryon request
Baden WürttembergOchsenhausenManami PicturesTfP
Baden WürttembergRavensburgME Photography
Baden WürttembergSingEiri-KunTfP
Baden WürttembergSingMonster 7on request
Baden WürttembergStuttgartNina Annabell (Harui)
Baden WürttembergStuttgartThomas Kilianon request
Baden WürttembergThübingenDream dancer photographyTfP
Baden WürttembergUlmZennieTfp
Baden WürttembergWeil on the RhineLisa Hennig/Yulice50€ for 5 edited images
BavariaAschaffenburgReflected truth
BavariaAugsburgCosplay photographerTfP
BavariaBambergPhotography Burkhardon request
BavariaBambergPhoto Lounge ViewpointRequest/TfP
BavariaBambergHadie van Bilderflut photographyTfP
BavariaBambergSayuri Tanaka Photographyon request
BavariaMunichIVY designTfP
BavariaMunichLumière de l’ameRequest/TfP
BavariaMunichMichael CreativeTfP
BavariaMunich / StuttgartNeuter
BavariaNurembergNostrum cosplayTfP
BavariaNurembergPercyPainted PicturesTfP
BavariaNurembergPhotography Stefan KaiserRequest/TfP
BavariaNurembergPipparazzi Photography
BavariaRegensburgSeason PhotographyTfP
BavariaRothenburg/DörzbachTrough the Woods photo designTfP
BavariaSchweinfurt/BambergMey Photography & Cosplayon request
BavariaWürzburgVanity Art PhotographyRequest/TfP
Belgium Farion GraphonRequest/TfP
BerlinBerlinA.Z. Production Cosplay PhotographyRequest/TfP
BerlinBerlinAddicted to Human
BerlinBerlinAndy K / SquirrelTfP
BerlinBerlinChristian Gschweng Photography75€ + editing
BerlinBerlinDesignerKS I Anime DesignerKSTfP
BerlinBerlinHoritsu PhotographyRequest/TfP
BerlinBerlinKNS Photo&Design
BerlinBerlinShattered Light Photography
BrandenburgBerlin/BrandenburgAnother RoseRequest/TfP
BrandenburgCalauCindy mooncalfTfP
BremenBremenEY PhotographyRequest/TfP
BremenBremenLyra Luna PhotographyRequest/TfP
HamburgHamburgAnother World’s ArtTfP / Decision Model
HamburgHamburgAsk Photography – askfoto.comRequest/TfP
HamburgHamburgHime A&G CosplayTfP
HamburgHamburgJanath PhotographyTfP
HamburgHamburgKytora Photography
HamburgHamburgMona Magnussen – Portraitsdifferent offers
HamburgHamburgRMT PhotographyRequest/TfP
HamburgHamburgSakura Photography
HamburgHamburgTorsten Geiger Photography
HamburgHamburg?Vincent Bear Photography
HamburgLübeck/HamburgWaeschbaer photography
HesseFrankfurtTree PhotographyTfP
HesseFrankfurtFreddy T. Photographyon request
HesseFrankfurt (+100km)Cos PixTfP
HesseFrankfurt MainImage symphonyRequest/TfP
HesseFrankfurt MainErnst BoehmTfP
HesseFrankfurt MainEthan Phoenix
HesseFrankfurt/KasselFarion GraphonRequest/TfP
HesseCastingHarrasaki photography
HesseHesseKaGecht Graphic & Art
HesseKarbenQuay. Larger Photography
HesseKasselÄxcselsiorTfP + travel expenses
HesseKasselKamukei OnlineTfP
HesseKasselKornis photo world
HesseKasselLunapix by Andre Bunse
Hessenear FrankfurtOp-2 Photography
HesseSchwalbachPhotoRaid Photography
HesseWetterau District/HesseRuffy’s photographyon request(Cons free of charge)
HesseWetzlarChingu Design, Make Up & PhotoTfP
HesseWetzlarStefKo Photography
Hesse T.S. Photography
HesseGladenbachBjörn Reibert PhotographyTfP
HesseRhine-Main areaPaddy photographyTfP
HesseWetzlarSGL photoon request
Holland Farion GraphonRequest/TfP
Luxembourg Geeks Life LuxembourgTfP
Mecklenburg Western PomeraniaRostockacoreaTfP
Lower SaxonyHanoverInfinitedreams PhotographyTfP
Lower SaxonyBrunswickAniPicTfP
Lower SaxonyBrunswickChumitastic PhotographyTfP
Lower SaxonyEmdenDragonflies
Lower SaxonyGöttingen/Leipzig/BerlinFeelOfBase
Lower SaxonyHanoverAlluGraphyTfP
Lower SaxonyHanoverFoxGrafixTfP
Lower SaxonyHanoverHarlock photography
Lower SaxonyHanoverJust Pictures BSTfP
Lower SaxonyEmptykenophotoart.comTfP
Lower SaxonyLüneburg~simply photographs~
Lower SaxonyLüneburgKuri Digital Art
Lower SaxonyOldenburgLyra Luna PhotographyRequest/TfP
Lower SaxonyOldenburgMiriam Renken
Lower SaxonySalzgitterMkuegler
Lower SaxonyWilhelmshaven ?Rejepix
NRWAachenAkari Ai PhotographyTfP
NRWAachenAlicia Yellowlodge PhotographyRequest/TfP
NRWAachenFocal Fox
NRWBad OeynhausenAnnanas PhotographyTfP
NRWBochumBS ShotsTfP
NRWBottropEarth child photographyRequest/TfP
NRWBrilon /HSKCeylan hobby photographyTfP
NRWDortmundColomera PhotographyRequest/TfP
NRWDortmundDarkPhyton PhotographyTfP
NRWDortmund (Iserlohn)TheGeminiTravel costs + battery
NRWDuisburgDerps Hobby Made30-100€
NRWDuisburgDevils PhotoRequest/TfP
NRWDüsseldorfFarion GraphonRequest/TfP
NRWDüsseldorf/Cologne/LeverkusenFascinating photo
NRWErfstadtLaecia PhotographyTfP
NRWFoodPhoto Edmundo
NRWFoodPhotographer 13Request/TfP
NRWFoodFriggs PhotographyTfP
NRWGüterslohFox Child
NRWHertenRadio photography
NRWCologneHigh Lights PhotographyTfP
NRWCologneHigh Passion Photography
NRWCologneJacky Cosplay PhotographyTfP
NRWCologneJoanies PicturesTfP
NRWKrefeldKarina GuentherTfP
NRWLippstadtSticky note PhotographyTfP
NRWMannheimNuts PhotographyTfP
NRWMeerbuschTerobes ArtsTfP
NRWMönchengladbachFantasic People PicturesTfP
NRWMönchengladbachLars Böhm Photography
NRWMönchengladbachMaslowski photographyTfP + travel expenses
NRWnear BonnMinagraphyTfP
NRWnear DuisburgMiss Lumina Photography
NRWnear DüsseldorfMiss Waterlilyon request
NRWnear Cologne/BonnM-PIXTfP
NRWNeuss/ NRWOctowana
NRWNRWPhotography Dinah LorraineTfP
NRWNRWPicture Project PhotographyTfP
NRWNRW / BerlinPixelRacoon
NRWNRW / MGpoke.imTfP
NRWNRW VRS areaReflectiveTfP + travel expenses
NRWNRW/MannheimRK PhotographyTfP/89€
NRWNRW?Shadow Dragon’s Cosplay Photography
NRWPaderbornSir Pixelot Digi-ArtTfP
NRWRadevormwaldSophie Holmes PhotographyTfP
NRWRecklingshausenSven G Photographyon request
NRWSolingenThe Nerd Check
NRWWuppertalNighthawk photographyTfP
NRWWuppertalVarja S. Photography
NRW Neo Lynn Photography
NRW Yin Yin PhotographyTfP
NRW Zeno Gaich Photographyon request
AustriaKinzLilium Picturesfrom 55€
AustriaLinzA&B PhotographyRequest/TfP
AustriaAustria (Upper / Lower); ViennaClaire de Lune – “Dark and Night”TfP
AustriaViennaGelo Cosplay Photography
AustriaViennaKimimaro Meteodust Photography
AustriaViennaMelenea Photography
AustriaViennaSnowgrimmon request
Rhineland-PalatinateBöhl-IggelheimAniCo PhotographyTfP
Rhineland-PalatinateKaiserslautern / LandauAsari PhotographyTfP
Rhineland-PalatinateLudwigshafenBlur of ColorNegotiating basis
Rhineland-PalatinateMainzDornhoefer Photography150 €
Rhineland-PalatinateMainzEmotional photography Anné
Rhineland-PalatinateTrier/KaiserslauternFarion GraphonRequest/TfP
Rhineland-Palatinate Moon wolf photographyon request
Saarland Farion GraphonRequest/TfP
SaxonyBautzenArtiQs PhotographyTfP/ 70+
SaxonyChemnitzBenito Schmidt PhotographyTfP
SaxonyChemnitzBlock pusherTfP
SaxonyChemnitzMOT. PhotographyRequest/TfP
SaxonyDresdenDestiny PhotographyRequest/TfP
SaxonyLeipzigBibigraphy15€ + travel expenses
SaxonyLeipzigBTK pictorial clay arton request
SaxonyLeipzigCF Cosplay PhotographyTfP
SaxonyLeipzigD.K. Photographyon request
SaxonyLeipzigHappy Berry PhotographyTfP
SaxonyLeipzigLucida PhotographyTfP
SaxonyLeipzigNijurArt PhotographyTfP
SaxonyLeipzigPaw PhotographyTfP
SaxonyLeipzigRobert Gergaut Photography
SaxonyLeipzigRobin Schuchardt
SaxonyLeipzigToniK PicturesTfP
SaxonyPlauen/SaxonySoul Photography
Saxony-AnhaltDessau/HamburgDreaMore Photography
Saxony-AnhaltHallRoxy PhotographyTfP
Saxony-AnhaltHallSL Pictureon request
Saxony-AnhaltHalberstadtPhotography Patrick StechTfP
Saxony-AnhaltHallJoey – photographer with beard and glassesTfP
Saxony-AnhaltMagdeburgSeal photographyTfP
Schleswig HolsteinKielBenjamin Heins PhotographyRequest/TfP
Schleswig HolsteinKielCosplay Hunter
Schleswig HolsteinKielFantastica PhotographyTfP
Schleswig HolsteinLübeckLyria Photography
Schleswig HolsteinLübeckSpirit Entertainment
Schleswig HolsteinLübeckTohron
ThuringiaErfurtDecades of Life PhotogrphayTfP
ThuringiaErfurtDemi in cosplaylandTfP + travel expenses
ThuringiaErfurtLazer PhotographyTfP
ThuringiaGeraLiterally PhotographyTfP at project
ThuringiaJenaLast Dream CosplaypicsTfP
ThuringiaThuringiaSarah’s Passion PicturesTfP
Thuringia Sven Waghals photography
 DahlauCheckered Photography
  Maximum Contrast

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