Denki Kaminari Cosplay is one of the protagonists of the popular manga and anime series My Hero Academia. Like the others, he is a high school student at U.A. High School and is training to become a professional hero.

Of course many cosplay fans choose characters from My Hero Academia for their next costume and cosplay – and of course Denki Kaminari is a good and often used option.


often used option.
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 22

Look of Denki Kaminari Cosplay

Denki is blonde, but has a few particularly striking black strands that are lightning fast, alluding to his quirk – more on this later. His eyebrows are small and thin. His physique is average.

Denki Kaminari Cosplay
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 23

During school hours, of course, he wears the official school uniform like all other students of the U.A. Oberschule. This consists of dark green pants, light grey blazer, white shirt and a wine-red tie.

Denki’s first hero costume consists of a black open jacket with a lightning pattern. Underneath he wears a white top, a belt, black pants with a white flash pattern on each side, and a headset.

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In his second hero costume, the jacket is shorter and has less lightning on it. This one also has a belt. The trousers, which are also black, have white stripes on the legs from the knee on. The headset is smaller and also has an optical visor. On the right arm it has a device for shooting.

Anyway, the costume looks electric and charged and you cut a good figure in it.

Personality of Denki Kaminari Cosplay

Denki is a nice boy who is quite flirtatious with the girls, be it from his own class or elsewhere. He likes to see himself as a smooth and gentle speaker, but he is usually not very successful with it and is often simply ignored. In the best case he is ignored by the girls, in the worst case he is rejected directly.

Denki Kaminari Cosplay
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 24

He tries to be cool, which he typically does not succeed at all, and in principle he has no real idea how to do it.

Apart from that he is mischievous and funny and takes part in every prank, which is why he is popular.

Denki Kaminari Cosplay is, unlike many other students in Class 1-A de U.A. Oberschule, not the brightest and needs regular help when it comes to learning. In general, school is not his thing and he shows little interest. During tests he tends to get very nervous. On the other hand, he knows a lot in certain areas, such as literature, and has a large vocabulary.

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When fighting, it panics quite fast and then activates its quirk sometimes by mistake. He is reluctant to use it when allies and friends are around because he is afraid of accidentally hurting them. Once they are farther away, he becomes more confident in using his Mack and his powers.

He is very solidary, modest and has a great sense of justice, which is why he absolutely does not like it when someone looks down on him or his classmates and friends.

If Denki exceeds his watt limit, he will turn into a giggling idiot who loses his entire personality. He will only become normal again when these values settle down again.

quirk and skills

His quirk is electrification. This allows Denki to discharge his body with electricity and thus to electrify everyone around him. However, if a certain watt limit is exceeded, his brain short-circuits and the insane behavior described above occurs.

Denki Kaminari Cosplay
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 25


Denki Kaminari needs special equipment to be able to make the best use of this quirk.

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On the one hand there are the so-called pointers. These are disk-shaped projectiles that attach themselves to targets. When Denki discharges in battle, the electricity is attracted to these projectiles. The effective range of the pointers is limited to 10 meters.

The shooter is a device that he carries on his right forearm. His task is to shoot the pointers. The shooter has a dial, where Denki can select which pointer his electricity should affect, in case there is more than one pointer in use.

The optical visor is a headgear that provides Denki with information about the location of the pointers.

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Denki Kaminari Cosplay
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 26

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