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Spiderman is an absolute classic when it comes to cosplay. After all, Spiderman is one of Marvel’s most popular comic heroes. No wonder that many cosplay fans would like to slip into the role of the “spider”. Here you can find out more about Spiderman and find out everything you need for a demanding cosplay.

History of Spiderman Comics

Spiderman cosplay
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The character of Spiderman dates from the 1960s, when Marvel Comics began to focus on the superhero genre. Initially, Marvel authors Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had figures such as astronauts (The Fantastic Four, debuted in November 1961) and scientists (Hulk, May 1962) respectively. With Spiderman, a hero was to be created who was initially a normal teenager. The Fantastic Four had elemental powers and the Hulk had super strength. Therefore, the authors of Spiderman came up with the idea of using animal powers. The idea for the “spider” – as Spiderman is also called – was born.

Marvel boss Martin Goodman was initially rather skeptical about the idea, however, because he feared that the whole thing would violate three unwritten laws:

  • teenage superheroes were mostly sidekicks of adult mentors (e.g. Robin for Batman)
  • Spiderman is not a glamorous superpower. Goodman was also worried that readers with a fear of spiders would avoid the comic
  • readers would never buy a comic with a “loser type”.

Lee finally managed to convince Goodman to let Spiderman make his debut in the series Amazing Fantasy, which happened in 1962.

Lee originally wanted Jack Kirby to draw the new figure. However, he did not like the supplied sample pages, because Spiderman Cosplay looked too heroic. Therefore he decided in the end to entrust the somewhat more reserved draftsman Steve Ditko with this task. To this day, there is some controversy about how much of Spiderman was created by Lee, Kirby and Ditko.

Storyline of Spiderman

Spiderman cosplay
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Peter Parker, who was very young at the time of his parents’ death, has been growing up with his aunt May and uncle Ben ever since. Both raise him lovingly. Peter is an outsider in high school and his only friend is Harry Osborn. He is the son of Norman Osborn, the CEO of the powerful Oscorp company.

Moreover, Peter has been in love with his neighbor Mary Jane Watson for a long time, but has no hope of success.

On a school trip his life changes suddenly and forever. Peter is bitten in the laboratory by a spider, which had previously been genetically modified in experiments. Although his body reacts with a fit of weakness at first, he woke up the next morning to his astonishment with completely new and very extraordinary powers.

Peter, who wears glasses, first realizes that he can see perfectly without glasses. New muscle mass gives him exceptional strength and a sticky mass, or more precisely spider threads, suddenly shoots out of his wrists.

At first he is in shock and no longer understands the world, but then he quickly remembers the bite of the spider on the school trip.

Next, he tries to use and control the new forces in a targeted manner. As soon as this succeeds, he then starts training and perfecting his skills.

Since he is notoriously short of money, he finally decides to take part in an open fighting tournament to secure the prize money. Promptly he wins, but the fraudulent promoter refuses to pay him the well-deserved money. Shortly afterwards, the fraudster himself is in trouble because he is robbed. Peter deliberately refuses to help. But for this he is “punished” a short time later, because his beloved uncle Ben is killed by exactly this robber. Peter swears revenge, confronts the robber, who falls out of the window in the confrontation and is killed. Peter blames himself severely for the fact that two people’s lives were lost because of his actions and swears that from now on he will only use his powers for good, i.e. to fight crime.

Spiderman’s abilities are:

  • superhuman strength, speed, endurance, mobility, reflexes
  • his “spider sense” warns him of impending danger
  • it can crawl up smooth surfaces
  • he can jump extremely high and far
  • It survives falls from great heights without damage
  • He can fire and use spider webs in both wrists in different forms

Spiderman Cosplay Costume

Spiderman Cosplay Costume
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The appearance of Spiderman is mainly determined by the skin-tight, supple bodysuit. This is kept in the colors blue and red and offers him the best possible freedom of movement. The entire head and face are covered by a hood with mask. The eyes are covered by a kind of net, which has a slit-like shape and gives Spiderman his characteristic look. The bodysuit is also streaked with spider webs and a spider is depicted on the chest. At the feet Spiderman wears soft red boots.

The outfit has gone through some changes in the course of time, but it is always the same in principle and very characteristic.

Making the costume yourself is not easy because of the elastic material, because it really has to fit like a second skin. But fortunately you can find wonderful options in the online store today. You should pay attention to the original look, high-quality materials and solid workmanship.