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Book SnowDragon for your next cosplay walking act event and amaze your guests with an unforgettable performance! SnowDragon brings an exciting and unique experience to any event, with their unique costumes and custom choreographed walking acts. With an experienced team of professionals, SnowDragon can create a performance tailored to your needs and ensure your event is a success. Let SnowDragon transform your event into an extraordinary and memorable experience!


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    Book SnowDragon: Finding professional and talented cosplay walking acts for events and conventions can be challenging. Let alone trying to find someone who can look and act the part of your character! A lot of time and effort can go into finding the right person.

    “First and foremost, thank you again for all your support! Especially for your flexibility and your commitment regarding our in every respect unattractive costume situation. Your commitment in the lead acquisition was fabulous, the communication always friendly and timely and the cooperation on site also left nothing to be desired!“

    – Laura Goldenstein, Head of Marketing Germany, CrowdStrike Inc.

    Fortunately, you can book SnowDragon for any costume walking acts. From conventions, and regional/international events, to private shows, SnowDragon can bring your character to life with a full range of customizations.

    SnowDragon is a cosplayer based in Nürnberg, Germany. You can easily book SnowDragon, and he’ll create the perfect walking act to breathe life into your events. Whether it’s an anime-style character or a comic-book hero, SnowDragon will make sure that everyone at the event gets an unforgettable experience.

    Contact him today and start your journey towards memorable cosplay walking acts. Get ready to amaze and dazzle with SnowDragon’s performance!

    What Should You Look For When Booking A Cosplay Walking Act?

    Some parameters separate a good cosplay walking act from a great one. Here are a few things to consider when booking your perfect cosplay walking act:


    One of the, if not the most, important criteria to consider when booking a cosplay walking act is the experience of the performer. The more experience they have, the better they will be at ensuring your event goes smoothly, and everyone is having a great time.

    They should be experienced with interacting with different audiences, be able to ad-lib if needed, and make sure the event runs smoothly.

    Additionally, look for performers with a background in cosplay, costume design, or other related fields. This way you can be sure that the costumes and presentation of your walking act will be as close to perfect as possible.

    What Should You Look For When Booking A Cosplay Walking Act


    The performer’s personality is another key factor when looking for a great cosplay walking act. Performers should be personable, outgoing, and enthusiastic.

    The act should be able to captivate the audience with their performance, so look for performers who have a great attitude and love what they do. If a performer is passionate about their work it will show in their performance, ensuring your event is one to remember!


    When booking a cosplay walking act, it’s important that you look for someone who is professional and reliable. Professional cosplayers will make it easy to work with them as well as treat your event with the respect it deserves.

    That means they will be punctual, well-organized, and have good communication skills. This ensures that all aspects of the performance are taken care of.


    A cosplayer’s talent shouldn’t be limited to just the physical performance or wearing cosplay costumes. Look for performers who have an array of talents and skills, such as dancing, crafting, cosplay acting, or even improv.

    The more talented a performer is, the better your event will be! Additionally, look for performers with costumes that come alive on stage and really capture the audience’s imagination.

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    Finally, make sure to get an accurate quote for the performance. There are many different types of cosplay walking acts, and their costs can vary greatly. Be sure to ask about any extra fees or charges included in the performance, such as travel expenses or costume rental fees. This way, you can accurately budget for your event without any surprises.

    Why Should You Book SnowDragon?

    He offers great costumes and will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

    Book him for your next event, and you won’t be disappointed! Whether you need a mascot, an actor, or even someone to just bring your theme to life, SnowDragon is a perfect choice. He’ll be sure to make your event unforgettable!

    Highly Experienced & Professional

    SnowDragon has been in the cosplay walking act industry since 2020 and is quite experienced. He knows how to bring brighten up any event with creativity, talent, and enthusiasm.

    His professionalism ensures your guests will be taken care of and that all safety measures are always kept in mind.

    Unique & Creative Costumes

    SnowDragon’s costumes are truly one of a kind. He offers a wide selection of different outfits, whether bought ones or with custom-crafted accessories.

    From superheroes and cartoon characters to manga and anime, SnowDragon can do it all. He has a great sense of style that’ll make your event the talk of the town!

    He will work with you to create the perfect look for your event or production.

    Why Should You Book SnowDragon
    Custom Cosplays

    Custom Cosplays

    SnowDragon can create custom cosplays for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a one-time event or an ongoing production, he will work with you to create the perfect look and performance. He has an eye for detail and his team is highly skilled in sewing, tailoring, and crafting intricate designs. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your costume lasts for many years to come.

    If you already have some costumes for the event but need help making them look flawless, SnowDragon can do that too! You can simply ship him your costumes, and he’ll do the rest.

    If not, he can custom design and make the costumes for the cosplay walking act.

    Cosplay Props & Wig Styling

    Props and wigs are an important part of any cosplay walking act. SnowDragon has a vast selection of props and wigs that can be used to complete the look. He can also style and customize them for you if needed.

    He prioritizes safety when it comes to props or pyrotechnics, ensuring that all safety protocols are followed.

    Customized Performances

    SnowDragon knows how to work the camera, thereby putting on a great show. He’ll customize the performance of his cosplay walking act to fit your event perfectly.

    Whether it’s a corporate function, an awards ceremony, or a private party, SnowDragon can bring your vision to life with ease. He has the experience and creativity to ensure your guests have an amazing time!

    SnowDragon is the perfect choice for your next cosplay walking act or event. Book him today to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. You won’t be disappointed!

    Regional & International Service

    No matter where you are, SnowDragon can travel to your event and provide his cosplay walking act services. He’s available for both regional and international bookings.

    If necessary, he will work with you to ensure all expenses are properly accounted for, including travel and accommodation costs. This way, you can accurately budget for your event without any surprises.

    Customized Performances

    Affordable Pricing

    Not only does SnowDragon offer top-notch cosplay walking acts, but he also offers competitive prices. He can work with your budget, allowing you to get the best value for your money.

    So, what are you waiting for? Book a walk act with SnowDragon and prepare to be amazed! With his experience, artistic talent, and commitment to excellence, you can be sure that your event will be one to remember.

    Let SnowDragon make your event a success!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of costumes does SnowDragon provide?

    SnowDragon provides a wide range of costumes, from superheroes and cartoon characters to manga and anime. He can also create custom designs for any event and production.

    Does SnowDragon provide props and wigs?

    Yes, SnowDragon has an extensive selection of props and wigs that can be used to complete the look of your cosplay walking act. He can also style and customize them for you if needed.

    How much does a cosplay walking act with SnowDragon cost?

    The cost of hiring a cosplay walking act great varies depending on the type of event, costumes, and customized performances. It’s best to contact SnowDragon directly to get a custom quote for your booking.

    Is SnowDragon experienced in cosplay walking acts?

    Yes, SnowDragon has been involved in doing cosplay walkingacts even in B2B trade fairs.

    What is a cosplay walking act?

    A cosplay walking act is a live performance where the performer, in costume, interacts with the audience and creates an entertaining atmosphere. The costumes are usually based on characters from popular films, television shows, manga, anime, or video games.

    Should you hire professionals for cosplay walking acts?

    Yes, hiring a professional for cosplay walking acts is highly recommended. Professionals have the required skills and experience to deliver an outstanding performance that will keep your audience engaged throughout the show. They can also provide quality props and costumes to ensure you get the most out of your event.