No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced cosplayer, the question of which cosplay suits you best comes up again and again.

and again
Which cosplay suits me best? 7

However, different cosplayers usually ask this question for different reasons. Beginners are usually just unsure how to find a suitable character for the cosplay, while experienced cosplayers might be looking for something that will make them stand out. Or maybe they are very skilled costume designers and are looking for something more sophisticated, a real challenge to their skills.

Whatever the reasons, in general there are some things that should be considered or at least an opinion should be formed about.

But first of all it should be pointed out that the most important thing about cosplay is fun, and that everyone should ultimately do what he wants to do and what he feels most comfortable with.

Which characters are basically suitable for cosplay?

for cosplay
Which cosplay suits me best? 8

The cosplay movement originally comes from Japan, where the trend started in the 1990s. The term is a combination of the English words costume and play, meaning costume play. The whole thing was created by the desire of anime and manga fans to dress up as their favorite heroes and to play them accordingly. So it’s not only the costume that counts, but also the ambition to portray the characters as true to the original in terms of personality, skills and behaviour.

Accordingly the first cosplays were exclusively characters from anime and manga. However, the trend quickly expanded to include comic characters (especially Marvel and DC), but also characters from film and television, video games and sci-fi and fantasy books.

How do I find the right cosplay for me?

Especially beginners are usually helpless in front of the huge selection of characters from anime, manga, comic, film and TV, video games and novels. In addition there is of course a certain fear of possibly making a fool of yourself, of coming out as a complete beginner, etc. This is quite understandable, which is why we have tailored this guide especially for inexperienced cosplayers. Our goal is to help you overcome your inhibitions and relax and enjoy your first cosplay adventure!

Better be humble the first time!

Cosplay from experienced cosplayers look great and who doesn’t dream of perfectly styled strolling around Comic Con and attracting all eyes. However, what is usually overlooked is that almost professional cosplayers have been doing this for several years, have gained a lot of experience and have been able to develop their skills and knowledge over a longer period of time. Also cosplayers, who are now in the spotlight, but sometimes started out small and probably rather unimpressive.

Which cosplay suits me best? 9

Creating a perfect cosplay costume takes a lot of time and typically also a lot of money. But more importantly, you need skill and knowledge to do it. And most beginners don’t have those. So if you dare to take on a very ambitious project, you will soon reach your limits and in the end frustration and disappointment will outweigh fun and satisfaction over the quite decent costume. Better to make something simple perfect than to make something heavy in a bumbling way.

Also keep in mind that the costume has to withstand a lot in the hustle and bustle of a fair or convention. A not expertly made outfit can literally fall apart!

So if you’re a beginner and want to feel safe and comfortable, it’s probably best to buy a good costume and then personalize it. There are numerous well-assorted online shops for cosplayers where you will surely find what you are looking for. Possible are sewed on accessories that make the costume look handmade, great accessories like wigs, jewelry, weapons, etc. and of course a really well done make-up.

Pay attention to the feel-good factor!

good factor
Which cosplay suits me best? 10

While you are searching the internet for the right costume, you should always ask yourself if you would feel comfortable in it. Many outfits make you feel at home, especially with women. If you are uncomfortable with showing a bit of hip fat or an ample cleavage, you should look for a costume that is more covered. Even a tight-fitting bodysuit does not suit everyone. This certainly does not mean that you necessarily need the perfect figure. But if you are rather insecure, you should refrain from doing so, because cosplay is all about fun. As a rule, you will become more daring, self-confident and creative over time.

Don’t let yourself be talked into it!

We do cosplay for ourselves, not to satisfy others. So don’t let other people talk you into doing something that you don’t like. This can be the case, for example, if your group of friends insists on everyone walking around in a matching outfit, even though you can’t identify with it at all. Just because some of them decided that you have to go to Comic Con as the casting of Lord of the Rings you don’t have to do that if you like sci-fi or if you want to be an anime hero.

Pay attention to the natural look!

natural look
Which cosplay suits me best? 11

In cosplay everything is allowed and everyone can make his dream come true, but especially for beginners we advise you to consider your own physical characteristics when choosing the cosplay. For example, in order to perform a gender swap or to portray an ethnically completely different protagonist, you need not only skill and experience, but usually also a lot of self-confidence – and nervous beginners usually just don’t have that yet. So why make life difficult for yourself? Choose a character that fits your height, physique, hair and skin colour. It’s especially great if you have a certain similarity to a character by nature.

Which cosplay personality is right for me?

Remember that cosplay is not just about dressing up, but also about playing the characters as they were originally intended. So don’t just choose a cosplay based on the costume, but also consider if the character fits you in terms of personality.

Of course it is also possible that you just want to play someone completely different. So people who are rather shy in everyday life dress up as sexy kittens or daring superheroes at Comic Con

Tips to find inspiration and information!

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when choosing a cosplay, you can start your search. Thanks to the Internet, it is quite easy to find information and above all inspiration.

all inspiration
Which cosplay suits me best? 12

Of course this is not necessary if you already have a protagonist in mind. Because many people simply have a declared favourite and there is no question that they want to personify it. But if you are not sure yet, you can search the internet.

Also look at pictures of other cosplayers and get inspired.

Practically every video game, anime / manga, cult film, comic, etc. now has its own fan website. Here you can find not only information about the series, the movie or the video game itself, but also a list with descriptions of the characters. Have a look at everything in peace and quiet, and think about whether you would feel comfortable with an appropriate costume and whether the character suits you.


There are plenty of options and there is definitely something for everyone. As a beginner, consider which costume you feel comfortable in and which one you can realistically make yourself, or for which there are good ready-made costume sets and accessories.

Start modestly and put special emphasis on the feel-good factor and your personal comfort zone. It’s ideal if you look a bit like the character you want to create anyway.

It’s always a good idea to have a schedule and a budget in advance, otherwise the whole thing can get out of hand.

The most important thing is that you have fun!