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What Is LARP: The Different Types Of LARP You Need To Know Of 8

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. Players take on the role of a character that has his or her personality, strengths, and weaknesses created by the game designer. Players act as their characters do in order to achieve their character's goals, which are set out by the game designer (or Game Master).

LARP is like playing make-believe at a very high speed, exciting level, with rules and guidelines to help players remain within the realm of the imagination without breaking the game.


  • Players usually wear costumes, but it is not required for play.
  • The game takes place in real-time, with players moving around an area using physical space to represent where their characters are in the imaginary world.
  • Larpers often use different types of weapons made out of Nerf or other safe products so that when they hit each other, it doesn't hurt.
  • Players fight with Nerf weapons but also may use magic spells, potions, or other advantages they have against their opponents. Larpers call this "combat mode" when they are in game fighting using their character's abilities and skills while still having fun with friends.
  • Players act out the actions their characters would do within the rules and guidelines of the game.
  • At the end of each event, players receive a debriefing so they can share their favorite moments and funny stories and finish getting out of character and back into real life.

What Are the Different Types of LARP?

types of LARP
What Is LARP: The Different Types Of LARP You Need To Know Of 9

There are many types of LARP such as Theatrical LARP, Freeform LARP, Hardcore/Epic LARP, Cosplay LARP, and Tabletop or Board Game LARP.

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There are also Zombie LARPs where players pretend to be zombies, and the other players try to survive by either running away from zombies or killing them with Nerf weapons.

Most games fall under a few different categories of LARP. Role-playing games are the most popular type of game where players portray characters in a certain setting or world and act out their behaviors according to the rules within that world.

Players take on the role of any person (or creature) they choose, so long as it is approved by game designers beforehand.

Combat and Tactical LARP

Combat and Tactical LARP is a fast-paced style of game where players use padded weapons to fight each other in order to survive, defeat enemies, or capture targets. Combat Larpers are often part of an organized LARP army, guild, or militia and play in wars against other factions.

Immersive LARP

Immersive LARP is a style of game where players dress up in costumes and interact with each other inside the imaginary world, taking on the role of their characters.

Like in roleplaying games, players have a set of rules to follow and safety guidelines that should be followed while engaging each other in character.

The World is created by Game Designers before the game starts, which gives players a detailed map or outline of where they are going and what will happen while playing their characters through this world.

Social LARP

Social LARP is a type of game where players interact with each other in character while still being themselves in everyday life. Players work together, solving problems, creating conflict within the group, and overcoming obstacles to complete their goals as a team.

Social Larpers may also participate in Cooperative Boardgame LARPs where players work together with others to complete a goal by moving around on a map and fighting enemies.

Hardcore LARP

Hardcore LARP is an intense drama filled style of game where players portray extreme versions of their characters. The World is created by Game Designers before the game starts, which gives players a detailed map or outline of where they are going and what will happen while playing their characters through this world.

Players may choose to be humans, elves, vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, gods and other creatures, all with supernatural powers who must work together to defeat their enemies. Hardcore Larpers will sometimes die during the game but are allowed to continue playing on as another character.

How Do I Get Started in Larping?

cosplay larping
What Is LARP: The Different Types Of LARP You Need To Know Of 10

To get started in Larping, you'll need to find a local group or club. There are many online resources that can help you find a group in your area, such as the International Larpers Association website.

Once you've found a group, attend a few events and get to know the other players. Be sure to ask any questions you have about the game and how it's played.

What Can You Expect?

You may be wondering what you can expect from Larping. The best way to answer this question is for you to attend an event, but it's also good for us to tell you what we think.

As with any form of entertainment, everyone's experience will vary, but here are some general things that usually happen at LARP events:

  • You'll create a character and choose an armband to represent your character. You might find yourself in armor, robes, or more modern clothing; it all depends on the setting of the game.
  • Once you're dressed and in-game (in-character), you'll interact with other players and begin solving some kind of problem or quest. You might find yourself fighting an enemy, negotiating with another character, delivering news to the town mayor, or rescuing a beautiful woman in distress.
  • At some point during the game, you'll take time out from your adventures to eat and relax by the campfire. The group may tell ghost stories or sing songs together.
  • Don't be surprised if people around you break into impromptu bits of theater and begin acting out scenes from the game or making light of their in-game experiences. This is often a time when friendships are formed since everyone is taking a break from combat and adventuring to interact on a more social level.

One final note: if you're interested in Larping, please remember that it's supposed to be fun. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable at an event, let someone know about it right away.

This is especially important if another person makes you uncomfortable. No one should ever touch or speak to another player without his or her consent.

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