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5 Different Ways On How To Style Cosplay Wig For A Perfect Look 25

Cosplay is one of the most popular hobbies around. It can be seen at conventions, anime festivals and online, but there’s something that needs to be addressed before you start donning costumes – your wig! If you’re looking for some advice on styling cosplay wigs, this article is for you.

You might be an up-and-coming cosplayer, or you might be a seasoned professional. Whichever it is, there’s just one question that needs to be answered when it comes to styling your wig – How to style cosplay wig? Therefore, read on to find out.


How to Style a Cosplay Wig?

Cosplay wigs are a great way to change your look for cosplay, and they can be styled in many different ways. Here are a few steps on how to style your cosplay wig:

Step 1: Start by washing and conditioning the wig according to the instructions on the packaging.

Step 2: Dry the wig completely before styling it.

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Step 3: Use a hair dryer to style the wig. Curl it, straighten it, or style it however you want.

Step 4: Use hairspray or other styling products to hold the style in place.

Step 5: If the wig is becoming frizzy, spritz it with a bit of water or curl it again with your hair dryer.

Step 6: Use bobby pins to pin any flyaway hairs back into place if needed.

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How to Add Color to a Cosplay Wig?

coloring cosplay wig
5 Different Ways On How To Style Cosplay Wig For A Perfect Look 26

Once you have styled your cosplay wig, it’s time to add some color. It is very easy to do this yourself at home with semi-permanent hair dye. In fact, I recommend that you learn how to dye your own cosplay wigs because it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

To dye your cosplay wig, you’ll want to purchase some hair dye (preferably non-bleach) of your desired color. You’ll then thoroughly mix the dye with water until it reaches that “milkshake” consistency. You can use a coloring bowl for this process, which will make it easier to mix.

Next, you’re going to want to section your cosplay wig into thin strips with a rat tail comb. Then, starting from the bottom of each strip, apply the dye mixture using a brush or spray bottle. You may need to use rubber gloves for this process since there will be excess dye on your hands afterward.

Once you’ve applied the dye to every strip of hair, you’re going to want to cover your wig in a plastic cap and let it process for 30 minutes. During this period, the dye will seep into the fibers of the cosplay wig and change its color accordingly. After thirty minutes have passed, carefully rinse your wig with cold water.

Then, you’re going to want to towel dry your wig and let it process further by air-drying in the sun for an hour. You may have noticed that your cosplay wig has lightened in color after you rinsed it out because of the bleach in the dye. The sun is nature’s bleaching agent, which will further lighten your wig.

Different Ways to Style Long and Short Cosplay Wigs

When styling a wig, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can style it in a straight style, which is when the hair is styled so that it hangs down straight. You can also curl the wig, which will give it a more voluminous look.

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Additionally, you can add waves to the wig by using rollers or curling iron. Finally, you can also braid the wig or put it into a bun. It all depends on what look you’re going for and what kind of wig it is.

Style #1: Straight

If the wig is a basic straight wig, then you can part it in several ways or leave it as-is. You might have to use some gel or hairspray if the hair gets out of place before using a straightener to style it the way you want.

Style #2: Curl

curling cosplay wig
5 Different Ways On How To Style Cosplay Wig For A Perfect Look 27

If you’re curling the wig, then you can use a standard curling iron or wand in order to do so. What you’ll need to do is section the hair and begin carefully wrapping it around the barrel of the curling iron for up to thirty seconds before letting go.

Once you’ve let go, the hair will curl, so you’ll need to run your fingers through it before clamping the curl between pieces of velcro. Then, you can test out the look and decide if it needs to be curled further or not.

Style #3: Rollers

If you’re styling with rollers, then you should start with damp hair that’s been combed thoroughly. Make sure that you’re using the right size roller for your hair. If you have thick hair, then use a larger-sized roller and if it’s thin, then go with a smaller one.

Then, all you need to do is take a roller and comb it through your dampened hair before placing it at the base of your head and working your way upwards. Once you’ve wrapped the hair around each roller, all you need to do is wait until it’s completely dry and remove them before playing with your new hairstyle.

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Style #4: Bun

If you’re planning on styling a wig into a bun, then you should begin by combing out any tangles and starting with damp hair. Then, just take a piece of the hair and wrap it around itself in a bun before securing it in place with pins or rubber bands. You can make sure that it stays secure by using hairspray when you’re done.

Style #5: Braid

If you’re planning on braiding your wig, then you should start with clean, dry hair that has been combed out. If the hair has too many tangles, then you should consider not braiding it in order to avoid damaging it. Just start by taking a small piece of hair and folding it over itself before securing it in place with bobby pins or rubber bands.

Repeat this process until the wig is fully braided and secure before using hairspray when you’re done to hold the braids in place.

In Conclusion

As you can see, styling a wig can be done with relative ease as long as you know what kind of style to go for and have the tools to do it. You should also remember that if there are any parts of the hair where you don’t want them to be, then you can always use some editing techniques or cutting tools to cut them away before styling.

We hope you enjoyed this article about how to style cosplay wig.

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