SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay
SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay

Albedo is also known as Kreideprinz or the Chall Prince. This character’s introduction to Genshin Impact was in Version 1.2, titled “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon.” Albedo is known for his insane alchemy skills, apparent in his role as the Chief Alchemist. He is also the captain of the Investigative team of the Knights of Favonius. His mission in Genshin Impact is to learn the truth about the world so that he will have more knowledge about its vision and its secrets. 

What is Albedo’s origin story?

Albedo is a synthetic human created by Rhinedottir (also by the name Gold). Albedo, the Rifthounds, the Black Dragon and Durin are the most famed creations of Rhinedottir.

Albedo was brought to this world amidst the Cataclysm, which is the incident that destroyed his hometown of Khaenri’ah. Rhinedottir raised Albedo to become an alchemist like her and taught him all she knew. They both shared the same tragic ambition to uncover the deepest and darkest secrets of the world, which fueled their alchemical skills even more.

Albedo’s character is quite a mystery. He was introduced in the game when he reached the City of Freedom in Mondstadt. He then became the captain of the investigation team in the knights of Favonius and also their chief Alchemist.

He is a prominent practitioner of ancient alchemy techniques. He sometimes works with dangerous items, but he is unrivaled in his alchemy skills, so he never fails to deliver in his expertise as the chief Alchemist. He is in a constant battle with his mind because although he wishes to uncover the world’s dark secrets, he is also distant. After all, he knows his destructive potential could lead him to dark paths.

SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay
SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay

What is Albedo’s Personality like?

Albedo is famous for his alchemical skills and gained a lot of fame. He doesn’t fancy social interactions, although not anti-social. The best way to describe Albedo’s nature is to say reclusive. Despite his dread of social exchange, he is friendly and loves to play with children, especially Klee. 

He is quick to renounce things that don’t interest him but once fueled with excitement about certain things, and he passionately goes into the tiniest details. His talent for alchemy started to help him with the research, but it soon became a profession he was very talented in. Albedo also uses alchemy as a way for him to relax and be in his element.

Although his character is not so much a brooding one, he is pretty private about his life. People in Mondstadt don’t know anything about Albedo’s life before Mondstadt or what he does in his personal life. Because Albedo is so private about his life, players of Genshin Impact assume that he is a homunculus created by his master. This is strongly implied when he says that he is made of a completely different substance than the people of Tivat.

Since he knows so many ancient techniques about alchemy, he thinks he is a threat to himself and the people around him. Even Venti and Dainsleif are also aware of this battle inside Albedo.

SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay
SnowDragon: Genshin Impact Albedo Cosplay

How to cosplay as Albedo?

Albedo is a young, slender man who is short and has platinum blonde hair. The hair must be his most prominent feature so make sure you get a wig that matches his hair. We also have the Premium Albedo Genshin Impact wig, a fizz-free and matte finish. Albedo’s head full of platinum light-blond hair extends till his shoulders and is pulled back in a half ponytail. You can also make it look like a ponytail with a minimalist braid design. You’ll need a hair-setting spray to style and keep it all in place. 

His skin is fair and very pale. His unique physical trait is that he has a diamond-shaped mark on his next, Gold in color. His eyes are a bright teal color with three dots inside the iris. This pattern bears a resemblance to the depiction of an alchemy table. You can achieve this cosplay look with contact lenses of the same color and some makeup to enlarge the look of the eyes. 

Albedo’s outfit:

His outfit in the video game is called Newmoon Starlight. It is made so for efficiency when he is conducting experiments as the chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. All Chief Chemists of the Knights of Favonius wore this same uniform. 

You can get the complete set of the Newmoon Starlight at Cosplay Hero. It shows off a robust color scheme of white, gold and indigo. The dress shirt underneath the coat is indigo with black paneling and designs. The shorts are black with a gold diamond-shaped logo on one of the thighs. 

You also get the same dark grey stockings that Albedo wears underneath his shorts with black knee-high boots with an intricate design resembling the indigo color on the shirt. The toe tip of the boots is in a metallic gold shade.

He wears a long white overcoat without any sleeves. The coat at cosplay hero is of the same design and adorned with chains and golden accents. The elbow-high gloves end right where the coat sleeves start with black paneling on them. The underside of the coat is in bright orange, which people can catch a glimpse of whenever you move.

The coat comes with a royalty-type solid collar that is black and has silver paneling at the back. Since the coat is open, you can hold it in place with a black sash on the right shoulder and under the left armpit. The sash is also decorated with silver and gold embellishments.  At the back center of the coat is a vast gold symbol fastened with two chains that go at the sides of the coat. Get this whole set at our very reasonable price and surprise your friends and family at any costume party or convention.

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