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Vienna COMIX: A Comic And Cosplay Convention To Remember 27

Vienna COMIX is a small convention that took place for the first time in 2012, but it has already left its mark on the Austrian scene. In recent weeks, numerous articles have been published about the convention where comics aficionados from around Austria gather to share their love of comics.

The attendees at Vienna COMIX aren’t only interested in comics, though. The three-day convention also hosted numerous panels with internationally acclaimed guest speakers.


A lot has been written about how much comics can inspire young people to make the leap from reading comics to creating them. But what hasn’t been discussed as much is how beneficial it can be to focus on a very specific topic when you’re trying to break into the business. In this case, that topic is comix.

Whether you’ve been working in comics for a long time or you’re just starting out, it’s necessary to keep up with the latest developments in the scene both at home and abroad.

This is exactly what Vienna COMIX can offer: a chance for comics fans from elsewhere in Europe to share their own artistic know-how and experience.

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Vienna COMIX isn’t simply a place where comic enthusiasts get together and discuss their favorite subject. It’s also a place where they can learn new skills to go on and develop their own artistic style.

That’s why we’re expecting to see an even higher turnout at this year’s Vienna COMIX, and it definitely won’t be long before this small convention becomes a major player in the European comix scene.

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What Vienna COMIX Has to Offer

What’s so great about this convention? Well, for starters, you can find a whole new world of heroes and villains from Marvel to D.C Comics or even Disney. You can browse through their variety of comic books as well as other geeky merchandise such as video games, clothing, collectible figurines and more.

Not only that, but if you’re lucky enough to be present on the closing day, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your favorite artists and creators of these timeless stories. They’re mostly Americans, but you can even get ahold of some famous Austrian comic artists.

Of course, there will be cosplay contests to judge the best costumes and if you don’t do or want to dress up, no need to worry. There are plenty of quests and activities to keep you busy throughout the entire day.

While Vienna COMIX is not as big and famous as Comic Con, it still has everything you need for a comic convention. If you love comics, cosplay or just want to have some fun with friends or family.

This event is definitely worth your while! And if comic books aren’t really your thing, there are also table games and card games. You can even spend the entire day playing your favorite tabletop games.

Just mind that you don’t spend all your money there because just outside, various Austrian food trucks offer traditional delicacies. And who knows? Maybe this year, you’ll dress up as Harley Quinn, Catwoman or even Superman.

You’ll fit right in with all the other nerds. Vienna COMIX has become one of the biggest comic conventions in Austria over the past years, and it’s only getting bigger. So, what are you waiting for? A new adventure awaits you!

Cosplay at Vienna COMIX

Vienna COMIX cosplay
Vienna COMIX: A Comic And Cosplay Convention To Remember 28

Cosplay is a popular pastime at Vienna COMIX. Cosplayers from all over the world come to the convention ready to show their costumes, take pictures and have a great time with other attendees.

If you’re new to cosplay, here are some tips for getting started:

  • Choose a character to dress up as.
  • Research your character’s costume and make any necessary adjustments beforehand.
  • Find appropriate props or accessories that will help bring your character to life.
  • Finally, start practicing your poses in front of the mirror.

Think about what you want from a cosplay convention before attending. Some people enjoy being photographed, while others don’t have an interest in this aspect of the hobby. You can also decide if you want to team up with a friend or go solo.

Cosplaying is a great way to express your interests and creativity through the characters you choose to play. There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing your favorite characters to life and making new friends along the way.

Conventions are a great place to have fun, meet new people and learn about your favorite characters. If you’re too shy- don’t worry!

A lot of cosplayers feel the same way, but there’s nothing wrong with taking photos from afar with your camera phone. There are usually photographers at conventions who would be more than happy to help you take your first cosplay photos.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Vienna COMIX

Vienna COMIX event
Vienna COMIX: A Comic And Cosplay Convention To Remember 29

Vienna COMIX is for all ages, so it’s the perfect destination for anyone who loves comics. Learn more about how to make the most of your visit to this amazing event with our list of top 5 things you should do at Vienna COMIX.

Get Exclusive Deals at the Artist Alley

The artist alley is where you can find some of your favorite local artists, writers and photographers. Some of these guests are offering exclusive deals to attendees, so make sure you spend time browsing the stalls at Vienna COMIX. If you purchase something, they might even personalize it for you.

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Check Out the Comic Creators’ Panels

A lot of comic book conventions have the same guests every year, so it’s important to find out what is new or different about Vienna COMIX. One of these aspects will be learning more about some of your favorite comic book creators’ upcoming projects.

Make sure you check out this list and don’t miss any interesting panels.

Learn From Industry Professionals at the Workshops

Calling all aspiring comic book artists! There are some great workshops being offered by industry professionals so you can learn more about your favorite medium.

These events are great for kids and adults alike, so make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities to learn from the pros.

Cosplay At the Cosplay Competition

Whether you are attending Vienna COMIX in cosplay or just taking pictures of the amazing costumes, there is a cosplay competition. There will be great prizes up for grabs, so make sure to get your costume ready and check out this list for some ideas.

Get An Autograph From Your Favorite Comic Creators

Get an autograph from someone special at the show! Whether you are looking for Jim Lee or Humberto Ramos, there is an autograph session that will feature your favorite creators.

Make sure to check out this list, and don’t miss out on any of these great opportunities to meet some of your favorite comic book professionals.

SnowDragon: Link Cosplay
SnowDragon: Link Cosplay

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